Spring Clean Your (Energy) Finances

The season of change, flowers and lighter jackets is upon us. It’s time to drag yourself away from Netflix and put away the heater for another year because spring has sprung and with it comes a host of opportunities to save money on your household energy bills. Read on for a few ideas to spring clean your energy use this season and save some money whilst you’re at it!

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Turn Off The Heating

During the winter months we all know that it’s difficult to get out of bed into a cold room and coming in from the cold into a warm house is an absolute treat. Chances are you’ve had your heating on a timer to help warm up your home to make getting out of bed easier and set to begin heating up your home before you get home from work. As we’re coming into spring and the weather is beginning to warm up, it’s essential to remember to switch off those timers.

Forget the Tumble Dryer

Using your tumble dryer in the winter months is an effective way to dry clothes and of course the heat from the dryer can also help to warm up your home. When it starts to heat up outside, however, hanging your washing on the line can be just as effective and free! Using a tumble dryer to dry your clothes for twenty hours a month can cost an average £7.15* so by hanging your clothes on the line for six months of the year (April – September) you could save up to £42.90 per year on your energy bills! Don’t worry, if you live in a flat or don’t have enough space in your garden for a clothes line, a clothes maiden indoors can be just as effective for drying clothes in the warmer months!

* To see how much it costs to run other household appliances visit our electricity running cost calculator.

Get Outdoors

In winter, many of us fall victim to hibernating – we spend our evenings curled up in front of the TV, catching up on box sets and not venturing outside too much! All this watching TV, having lights on and using computers during winter can have a real impact on our energy bills (and our wellbeing) so spring and summer is the perfect time to rectify that. Switching off electrical devices (TVs, computers and games consoles) and heading away from the home to spend time enjoying the outdoors can make your energy bills plummet. To really push the savings on your energy bills don’t forget to unplug these devices when you’re not using them so that they don’t use standby electricity.

Check You’re On The Right Energy Tariff For Your Needs

Above all else, if you’re looking to spring clean your finances, ensuring you’re on the correct energy tariff for your needs is what will really make those bills drop. Whether you’ve recently moved into a new home, haven’t switched energy tariff in a while or have never switched at all the chances are you’re paying too much for your energy! Our customers save an average of £302 per year simply by switching their energy tariff, so why not give our friendly team a call on 0800 860 6866 or input your postcode in one of the boxes around the website to see how much you could save! 


How to get the best energy deal

Switching energy supplier is a quick and simple way to knock hundreds of pounds off the cost of your annual energy bills – but with so many suppliers offering so many different tariffs, choosing the best one can be a bit tricky. The simplest way to see what deals are on offer is to run a price comparison with UKPower.

Click here to run an energy price comparison, and see if you could be paying less for your gas and electricity.

Les Roberts - Energy Expert at UKPower

Les Roberts - Energy Expert at UKPower

If you’ve got an issue with your energy supplier, our consumer champion Les is on hand to help. A decade in consumer affairs means Les understands how confusing energy tariffs can be, so he'll cut through the jargon to help make sure you get the best deal.