Who are the UK’s best and worst energy companies?

Believe it or not, there’s more to energy switching than simply finding the best energy deals to cut the cost of your gas and electricity bills.

Although getting the best-priced tariff is usually the main motivation when households switch energy supplier, the latest Which? research on the best and worst energy suppliers once again highlights the importance of choosing a provider that not only offers value for money, but also good customer service, along with clear and accurate billing.

So, how does your energy supplier measure up? Will it be one of the best energy suppliers or will fall short of expecations?

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The UK’s best and worst energy suppliers survey

To find out what consumers regard are the best energy company in the UK, this year's annual Which? study took in the opinions of around 8,000 UK gas and electricity customers.

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The survey included ratings for more than 30 energy companies in England, Scotland and Wales, and this year saw a separate review of six energy suppliers from Northern Ireland.

It asked consumers to rate their energy suppliers’ based on the following:

  • Customer service (both online and over the phone)
  • Ability to deal with complaints
  • Value for money
  • Accuracy and clarity of bills
  • Ability to help customers understand and reduce usage.

If you’re a loyal customer of the Big Six energy companies, the results may come as a surprise, and even make you consider switching to a smaller supplier when your current deal is coming to an end.

Who are the UK’s best and worst energy suppliers?

Price is the most important factor when choosing an energy supplier to switch to, so it’s no surprise the top performing energy companies rated highly for value for money. And, as consumers get savvier about savings and energy efficiency, so the top-rated providers also score highly for accuracy and clarity of bills.

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Who are the best energy suppliers in the UK?

Octopus Energy has once again been rated as the best energy supplier in the UK, with an 83% customer score and five-star ratings in three of the six categories - bill accuracy, customer service and complaints handling.

It rated four stars for the other three categories - bil clarity, digital tools and value for money - and pulled in an outstanding score of 82% for procedures and practices.

This was closely followed by Ebico, with a customer score of 79% and a score of 60% for procedures and practices - last year's fourth-placed supplier has had another great year and moved up two places to rank as the second best energy provider in the UK.

Robin Hood Energy dropped from second place last year to 20th place this year, following the financial troubles that saw it rescued by a £25.5 million taxpayer loan, but Bristol Energy, another local authority-owned supplier, only dropped one place despite suffering similar financial difficulties.

Bulb jumped from position 8 last year to joint third this year, a position is shared with newcomers Pure Planet. Another newcomer, People's Energy, then ranked joint fifth with Powershop.

It's interesting to note that all of the top five entries are providers that are either ethically or environmentally-friendly or both, suggesting that people are now looking beyond simply cutting their energy bills.

Here’s how the top 10 energy suppliers measured up:

Poisition Supplier Customer score
1 Octopus Energy 83%
2 Ebico 79%
= 3 Bulb Energy 78%
= 3 Pure Planet 78%
= 5 People's Energy 77%
= 5 Powershop 77%
= 7 Ecotricity 75%
= 7 So Energy 75%
= 9 Bristol Energy 73%
= 9 Co-operative Energy 73%
= 9 Engie 73%
= 9 Ovo Energy 73%

Who are the UK’s worst energy suppliers?

It probably won’t come as much surprise that Together Energy finished bottom of the list - it was in 21st place last year and has continued to struggle since it was appointed as supplier of last resort (SoLR) when One Select went bust.

The supplier saw its customer base increase by 60% overnight - jumping from 60,000 ot 90,000 - when it successfully bid to take one One Select's customers, despite having just 100 staff in its Dunbartonshire HQ and a further 40 outsourced in South Africa.

It's clearly not been able to handle the extra demand and has seen its customer score drop from 60% to 48% - last year's bottom-placed Solarplicity finsihed with 44% and eventually went bust in August of last year, when EDF was appointed SoLR.

The case of Together Energy suggest Ofgem's safety net is flawed, if a company with such a poor record can be appointed as SoLR when a supplier goes bust.

If you’re a customer of the Big Six suppliers, it might be time to look away now – as they make up six of the next seven places, with customer scores between 61% and 51%.

Amazingly, the Scottish Power reviews were somehow worse than last year, as its customer score dropped from 54% to 51%.

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It's the second year that all of the big six have been down at the bottom of the table - it seems the UK's biggest energy suppliers aren't learning lessons and taking notes from the high-ranking indpendents.

Here’s how the ten worst energy suppliers shaped up:

Poisition Supplier Customer score
= 20 Robin Hood Energy 65%
= 20 Utilita 65%
23 iSupply 64%
= 24 E 61%
= 24 Eon 61%
= 24 SSE 61%
= 27 British Gas 60%
= 27 EDF Energy 60%
29 Shell Energy 58%
30 Npower 57%
31 Green Star Energy 55%
32 Ampower 53%
= 33 Scottish Power 51%
= 33 Spark Energy 51%
35 Together Energy 48%

What if my energy supplier goes bust?

It’s not often that an energy supplier will go bust, but it can happen - this video shows what you need to do if your supplier suddenly stops trading

How to get the best energy deal

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Les Roberts - Energy Expert at UKPower

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