UK electricity prices could rise by 60 per cent in 20 years

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The cost of business and consumer electricity could rise as much as 60 per cent over the next 20 years because the UK relies on offshore renewables according to industry experts.

The report on a major energy comparison site has stated that the cost of electricity prices is only going to rise, which could mean many businesses and homeowners could suffer.

Paul Wilson, deputy director of engineering at Parsons Brinckerhoff's energy generation arm was due to address the Industrial and Power Association yesterday where he was to address the issue of the UK's energy needs for the future.

He stated in the Scotsman newspaper yesterday that wind, wave and tidal energy do not provide constant power and that UK energy needs would need to be backed up by gas and coal-fuelled power stations with carbon capture and storage facilities to cope with demand.

"We believe we've got to have a mix of fossil and renewable sources, and nuclear in England, and demand side measures such as a smart grid," he told the news provider.

"Some policies are an over-enthusiastic implementation of offshore tidal and wind. We've got a lever to control how much more expensive this electricity will be. If the wrong decisions are made, it could be 60 per cent more expensive," he said.

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