Wind turbines 'effective for energy saving'

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Wind turbines are one of the most cost-effective forms of alternative energy, according to leading industry experts.

British Eco-Energy said the success of the turbines can be down to the specifications of the site it is located on, but added the technology fits well with the UK climate and also the coastline and hills of the country.

Andrew Moore, managing director of British Eco-Energy, said a location with a good wind speed can turn wind turbines into "one of the most cost effective renewable energy solution".

He added: "The main advantage with them is that they work at night as well as the daytime and actually produce probably more energy during the winter when we need more energy than during the summer."

The recently-published committee on climate change report found that wind power could make a significant contribution to total global electricity generation.

It claimed it could create 30 per cent of electricity power in the UK by 2020.

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