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EBICo was founded in 1998 as a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee. They remain today the only not-for-profit energy supplier in the UK. EBICo supply gas and electricity throughout Britain and charge their customers the same rate, regardless of payment method or usage. Also, EBICo don't have a standing charge so you know you will only be paying for what you use.

EBICo might be a unique energy provider, but they're not new! They've been trading for over 10 years, making a genuine difference to low-income households. With no shareholders to keep happy, Ebico don't have to deal out dividends, instead, use the resources to provide fairer rates for every customer - regardless of income or circumstances, or payment method.

Ebico are also at the forefront of fair energy pricing, and well over 50,000 UK homes have already switched to Ebico's fair tariffs not only because their tariff structure is transparent and straight forward but also because of their innovative carbon-offsetting service.

Over the last few years Ebico have been working with a number of organisations to promote the message of fairness in the energy industry, whilst also attempting to assist those customers in fuel poverty. At the beginning of 2009 the customer numbers had more than doubled and Ebico are now working with nearly 40 housing associations. The work helping those in fuel poverty broadened with the launch of The Ebico Trust for Sustainable Development; the charitable trust fund set up to enable any Company surpluses to be used to support sustainable fuel poverty initiatives.

One of the ways that EBICo help those on low income concerns prepayment meters. Energy suppliers give discounts to customers who pay by Direct Debit, but charge a higher rate to customers who use prepayment meters. EBICo believe this is unfair and wrong. The majority of households using prepayment meters are on a low income and yet these high rates are pushing more and more low income households into fuel poverty. EBICo charge one flat rate to all, creating a fair, competitive price for all customers and great savings, in particular for prepayment customers.

In July 2009 Ebico i-measure, was launched, in association with Oxford University's Environmental Change Institute. A tool which helps to encourage customers to be responsible with their home energy usage, in turn cutting their carbon footprint, and the size of their bills.

EBICo tariffs

Tariff Capped/Fixed Online only Green Compare
Equi Gas and Power No No No Compare
Equi Power No No No Compare
Equi Gas No No No Compare

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