Changing Gas and Electricity Suppliers

How does changing my energy supplier save me money?

There are many gas and electricity suppliers to choose from, just like choosing car insurance. Each have their own prices and like car insurance, one supplier may be cheaper for one household, but not for another.

There's no price cap on business energy. Compare deals to find cheaper prices than your supplier's out of contract rates.

UKPower makes the switching process easy but showing you how much each supplier will charge, based on your location and current usage.

How do I change supplier?

Changing gas and electricity supplier couldn't be easier! There are 5 steps to change your supplier:

  1. Tell us how much you pay at the moment and who to
  2. View the results, based on this information to see who your cheapest supplier is and click to switch
  3. Complete a simple application form on this site
  4. UKPower handles this application on your behalf and sends it to your chosen supplier
  5. Your new supplier will contact you to arrange the transfer of your gas and electricity supply

The whole process should take 30-45 days and remember, it costs nothing and no need for changing your gas or electricity pipes into your property.

Will I be without gas or electricity when the switch over happens?

No! Your gas and electricity still comes from the same place, so there will be no interruption. the only differences are the company that bills you, their customer services and most importantly, the price you pay!

Do I need to tell my current suppliers that I am switching?

No. When you request to transfer suppliers, your new supplier will contact your existing ones to notify them. Your current suppliers will then contact you asking you to pay any money that you may owe before the switch takes place.

What information do I need to switch suppliers?

All you need to switch is your postcode and an idea of the amount you either spend or use for your gas and electricity. You can guess these amounts, but the more accurate the information you provide, the more accurate your results will be.

UKPower has a database of gas and electricity for most addresses in the UK. You shouldn't need to provide this information as we obtain it for you. If we do not have this information for your address, you will be asked for it. Your meter numbers can be found on your bills.

What is the difference between gas only, electricity only and dual fuel?

Most suppliers now offer both gas and electricity. This means that you can have one supplier for both. If you selected to compare gas and electricity, the results page shows costs if both were with the same supplier. Energy suppliers often offer a discount if you have both.

If you only want to change your gas or your electricity, or you want to change them both, but to different suppliers, there are links at the bottom of the results page which shows the results for transferring just gas or just electricity.

If UKPower is free, how do you make money?

The service that we provide to you is totally free of charge. The prices that the gas and electricity companies charge if you change through us is the same as if you went to them directly.

We make money by providing these companies with customers. They pay us a small amount for each person that changes their gas or electricity supply to them.