Winter Fuel Payments

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Winter fuel payments are paid by the Government to help elderly people to help pay for their heating bills in the winter. This tax free payment is available to people born on or before 5th January 1952 and who are normally resident in Great Britain or Northern Ireland. They do not affect other benefits that the household may be receiving. However you will not qualify for this payment if you fall into any of the following criteria:

During the week of 15th to 21st September 2014, you were:

  • receiving trseatment as an inpatient in hospital for more than 52 weeks previously
  • remanded in custody serving a court sentence
  • subject to immigration control and did not qualify for help from the Department for Work & Pensions
  • living in a care home for at least 12 weeks or an independent hospital and received certain income related benefits

If you have previously received the winter fuel payment and/or receive state pension then you will automatically receive your payment when they are paid in November/December.

If you think you are entitled to the winter fuel payment and haven’t received it by the end of December then you should call the Pension Service in January. The latest date that you are able to claim for the allowance is 30th March.

The amount payable will vary depending on your personal circumstances. Payments can be between £100 - £300 depending on your circumstances and is tax free. For full details of what payment you are entitled to you should refer to the website.

If your circumstances change then you will need to call the Winter Fuel Payment helpline. For example if you move house or your bank details change.

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Cold Weather Payment

An additional payment to the Winter Fuel Payment, called a Cold Weather Payment may also be available if you fall into certain circumstances, e.g. if you are on low income or on an income related employment benefit. For more information about this allowance see our page on the cold weather payment or visit the Direct.Gov website.