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If you're interested in reducing air pollution and your carbon footprint, you've come to the right place. UK Power can switch you to a number of green energy suppliers in the UK. Please find more information about the suppliers we can switch you to below.


When you sign up to an ecotricity tariff your money goes towards building new sources of renewable energy. The main focus is wind energy, setting up wind parks around the country.

The Old Matched Energy tariff uses 100% renewable energy while the New Wind Energy tariff uses a minimum of 10% green energy but contributes a higher percentage of funding towards new wind parks. Ecotricity will also plant a tree for you.

Good Energy

Good Energy’s strategic aim is to keep the world a habitable place by cutting carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

All Good Energy Plc tariffs are 100% renewable, sourced from wind, small-scale hydro and solar power. They have also decided to include certain types of plant-based biomass in the future.

Green Energy

Green Energy UK have two tariffs: Green Energy 100, where the electricity supplied by Green Energy UK is 100% pure green, this is available at small premium over your regional electricity supplier and Green Energy 10, where 10% is guaranteed from a green source and is priced to compete with your regional electricity supplier.

Green Energy UK plan to re-invest up to 50% of their profits back into UK renewable electricity generation projects. So whilst Green Energy UK 's green electricity is supplied on the same principles as the other green tariffs there is a crucial difference: Green Energy UK founders' intention is that the Company should be 50% owned (and controlled) by its Customers within the next 5 years.

Juice from npower

Juice has been developed by npower.

Juice is generated from a number of renewable energy sources, primarily at North Hoyle Offshore Wind Farm. As a Juice customer, npower matches ever unit of normal electricity that you use and feeds the same amount, generated from renewable sources, into the electricity network*. It's as simple as that.

* If you know a green supplier or tariff that is not mentioned then please let us know by e-mailing us at We welcome all comments to help improve our service.

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