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The domestic energy market moved towards offering cheaper dual fuel tariffs a few years back offering discounts to customers taking both their gas and electricity from the same supplier. However, we’ve seen a turn of events as smaller independent suppliers, often operating in one area i.e. gas, are undercutting the incumbent supplier (e.g. British Gas) to acquire customers and drive competition. As a result, it’s created an opportunity for customers to seek further savings on their energy bills – up to a further £18 a year in some regions.

To therefore help customers save even more money on their energy bills, we’ve compiled a dynamic web page which automatically updates to show how much can be saved in your region of the UK if you were to opt for 2 single fuel accounts (from 2 different suppliers) compared to a dual fuel tariff.

Region Cheapest Single Fuel Gas Cheapest Single Fuel Electricity Combined Annual Bill Cheapest Dual Fuel
Eastern £411 £396 £807 £802
East Midlands £416 £393 £809 £810
London £429 £400 £829 £793
Manweb £432 £418 £850 £813
Midlands £416 £396 £812 £822
Northern £400 £399 £799 £807
Norweb £416 £410 £826 £832
Scottish Hydro £422 £442 £864 £870
Scottish Power £414 £409 £823 £831
Seeboard £422 £417 £839 £857
Southern £421 £421 £842 £848
SWALEC £430 £419 £850 £855
SWEB £433 £442 £875 £869
Yorkshire £396 £396 £792 £809
Total £419 £411 £830 £830

There are benefits of taking a dual fuel tariff in that you only have one supplier to deal with but equally saving more money and having a clearer line of sight on your single fuel costs may also appeal.

To run an accurate comparison, and to see how much you can save on your energy bills, click here to use our impartial comparison tool. Alternatively, call our UK based team of energy experts on 0800 320 2000.

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