Gas & Electricity Tariff Prices per kWh

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Although many people may not realize it, the price that you pay for your energy is made up of two different charges:

  • Standing charge - this is a fixed amount that you are charged each day, regardless of how much gas or electricity you use.
  • Unit rate - this is the price you will pay per unit (kWh) of energy, so it can fluctuate depending on how much energy you use.

The unit that both gas and electricity are measured in is kilowatt hours (kWh). One kWh of gas is approximately equivalent to leaving a small gas hob burner on for an hour. One kWh of electricity is the rough equivalent of running a washing machine for an hour.

How energy bills are calculated

When calculating the price of your bill, energy providers monitor how many kilowatt hours of gas or electricity you have used over a certain period of time, and then multiply this by the price per unit set in your tariff. The number of days the billing period covers is then multiplied by the tariff’s daily standing charge cost.

They then add the two figures together to provide your total bill.

Current gas and electricity unit prices

The tables below show the current leading electricity and gas tariffs on the market, by average unit cost in kWhs. These figures should be used only as an indication of price, as the actual price charged for any specific tariffs will be different depending on where in the country you live.

In order to get accurate results for your property, it’s important to carry out a full market comparison by entering your postcode in the box at the bottom of the page. Full details of tariff unit prices and standing charges will be displayed within this comparison.

Supplier Tariff Avg. kWh unit price (ex VAT) Annual Standing Charge (ex VAT)  
SSE SSE 1 Year Fixed v9 Paperless Billing 11.47 pence £80.01 Continue
Sainsbury's Energy Price Promise December 2017 11.606 pence £90.41 Continue
SSE Southern Electric SSE 1 Year Fixed v9 Paperless Billing 11.722 pence £80.01 Continue
SSE Scottish Hydro SSE 1 Year Fixed v9 Paperless Billing 12.03 pence £80.01 Continue
OVO Energy Simpler Energy (all online) 12.124 pence £110.01 Continue
OVO Energy Simpler Energy 12.124 pence £110.01 Continue
Extra Energy Fresh Fixed Price Jan 2018 v1 12.13 pence £92.53 Continue

Gas tariffs by unit (kWh) rate

Supplier Tariff Avg. kWh unit price (ex VAT) Annual Standing Charge (ex VAT)  
EDF Energy Blue+Price Protection Dec17 2.621 pence £91.25 Continue
Extra Energy Fresh Fixed Price Jan 2018 v1 2.75 pence £74.90 Continue
npower Online Price Fix January 2018 2.812 pence £93.26 Continue
EDF Energy Blue+Price Freeeeze February 2019 2.851 pence £91.25 Continue
Extra Energy Bright Fixed Price Sept 2018 v1 2.881 pence £71.83 Continue
isupplyenergy iFix 21-Month Oct18 V2 2.886 pence £59.26 Continue
LoCO2 Energy Planet Fixed 8 2.922 pence £65.70 Continue

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