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Incumbent suppliers

Many factors can affect the amount that you’re paying for the gas and electricity that you use, such as the wholesale price of fuel, political activity and even the region that you live in. There are a number of suppliers available across all parts of the UK, but each region has an incumbent supplier who acts as the default provider for the area.

The incumbent supplier for East Anglia is EON for electricity and British Gas is the incumbent supplier for gas.

If you live in East Anglia and you have not switched your gas and electricity before, then you could be supplied by EON, and chances are you will be on their ‘standard’ tariff – which is typically the most expensive tariff.

East Anglia energy prices

If you are with the incumbent supplier, or if you are on another supplier’s standard tariff, then there is a good chance that you can save money by switching your gas and electricity tariff.

The good news is that standard tariffs have no early termination fee, so you can start the switching process immediately without incurring charges. To see which tariffs offer the greatest saving potential in your area, see the table below.

National Incumbent Average Dual Fuel Bill Incumbent Dual Fuel Bill for Region Cheapest Dual Fuel Bill for Region See best deals...
£1,133 £1,121 £807 Continue

If you aren’t sure who supplies your gas and electricity, you can call your local distribution network on 0845 601 4516 to find out.

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