Energy Suppliers in Yorkshire and Humberside

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Incumbent suppliers

The UK is split into 14 different energy regions, with each region having a different default, or ‘incumbent’, gas and electricity supplier.

The incumbent electricity supplier for the Yorkshire region is npower. The incumbent gas supplier for this region is British Gas.

Yorkshire and Humberside energy prices

If you have never switched energy provider before, there’s a good chance that you will still be with your incumbent energy supplier and on their ‘standard’ tariff. As you may expect, this usually offers the suppliers most expensive rates and may prove to be hundreds of pounds more expensive per year than the cheapest deal available on the market.

Check the table shown below to find the best energy deals in Yorkshire and Humberside currently:

National Incumbent Average Dual Fuel Bill Incumbent Dual Fuel Bill for Region Cheapest Dual Fuel Bill for Region See best deals...
£1,133 £1,157 £792 Continue

Switching your suppliers

By running a price comparison you can easily find out if you could save and how much you could be keeping in your pocket.

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