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Incumbent suppliers

You may not have considered it before, but the region that you live in can actually affect the amount that you pay for your energy. There are a number of suppliers to choose from for each region of the UK, but local factors, such as your local distribution network, could impact on the cost of energy in your area.

Each region of Britain has its energy provided by an incumbent supplier as standard, and it is up to the individual residents to switch their supplier to attain a cheaper tariff. For the North East, the incumbent supplier for electricity is npower and the incumbent supplier for gas is British Gas.

North East energy prices

If your home energy is supplied by your region’s incumbent supplier and you are languishing on their standard tariff, then there is a good chance that you can save on your energy by switching tariffs. To help you decide if you will be able to save by switching, review the cheapest available prices shown in the table below:

National Incumbent Average Dual Fuel Bill Incumbent Dual Fuel Bill for Region Cheapest Dual Fuel Bill for Region See best deals...
£1,133 £1,168 £799 Continue

If you’re unsure which provider supplies you with gas and electricity you can phone your local distribution network on 0845 601 3268 to find out.

Switch with UKPower

If you choose to compare and switch your gas and electricity with UKPower, you can rest easy knowing that you’re receiving an impartial whole of market comparison, which can be used to find the best energy deals available to you.

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