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As a business owner, you’ll appreciate just how important it is to keep on top of your monthly costs – from rocketing rent to rising energy costs, spiralling overheads can spell disaster.

Although you may no appreciate it, your electricity supply is essential to the everyday running of your business, so it’s important to make sure you’re not overpaying for energy - comparing cheap business electricity suppliers to find the best deal on your business electricity is an easy way to cut your overheads and save money.

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*with no price cap in place for businesses, some out of contract rates are up between 15% and 120%

How to find the cheapest business electricity rates

Finding cheap business energy can be tricky – not only are there so many suppliers to choose from, all offering different rates and tariffs, but business electricity prices are constantly fluctuating.

That’s why it makes sense to enlist the help of the business switching experts at UKPower – just one quick call is all it takes to find the best value deal for your business.

Not only will we help you cut the cost of your business energy bills, our team will offer step-by-step advice at every step of the switching process, to make sure you don’t run into any problems. This includes helping to cancel your existing contract and dealing with any objections that might arise as a result of your decision to switch.

Although price is always paramount when finding a new deal, we’ll also make sure you switch to a provider that offers great cutomers service, so you can rest assured the supplier you choose is the absolute best for your business.

And we won’t charge your business a penny, as our service is completely free of charge.

All you have to do is let us know a litle bit about your business, either by clicking on 'Compare prices' at the top of the page, or by giving our experts a call on 0800 326 5517.

What are the cheapest business electricity rates?

Running a business energy price comparison isn’t quite as simple as running a domestic price comparison, not least because there is no dual fuel option, which means business owners have to get separate quotes from each supplier for cheap business electricity and gas.

Although this means the tariff you choose will be designed to meet the exact needs of your business, it also means business energy comparisons are a little more time consuming, and it can be difficult to know if you’re actually on the best-priced tariff available – the only way to find out is to ring around every supplier for a quote.

Unless, that is, you call our business energy experts - we’ll do all the hard work for you, comparing quotes from a range of suppliers to make sure you’re getting the best energy deal at the best price.

But before you start comparing quotes, it’s always a good idea to see how much energy a business the size of yours should be using, and how much you should be paying for your business electricity supply.

What are average electricity rates for business?

Business Size Average annual usage (kWh) Average price (per kWh) Standing charge (daily) Average annual price
Micro business 5,000 - 15,000 kWh 12.5p 27.0p £1,349
Small business 15,000 - 30,000 kWh 11.0p 25p £2,566
Medium-sized business 30,000 - 50,000 kWh 10.5p 22.0p £4,208

What’s the best electricity deal for your business?

When comparing electricity deals, you’ll be made aware of the different tariff types you can choose from, as well as the ones your supplier may have put you on, sometimes without you even realising.

Keep an eye out for the following tariffs:

  • Fixed term - You pay a fixed rate for each unit (kWh) of energy you use during the term of your contract. A word of warning though, this doesn’t mean that your monthly bill is fixed – it’s just the unit rate that’s fixed - and so the price you pay each month will vary depending upon the amount of electricity you use.
  • Variable-rate - Your unit rates will fluctuate depending upon activity in the energy market. This means your bills can increase or decrease throughout the duration of your contract, even if you use exactly the same amount of electricity each month.
  • Deemed rate – Also known as an out-of-contract tariff, this is the deal you’ll be placed on if you don’t formally agree a contract with your supplier. Rates are high and you need to switch from this deal as soon as possible.
  • 28-day - A contract for businesses who haven’t switched since the energy market deregulation came into effect.
  • Rollover – Another uncompetitive tariff, a rollover contract is used when no alternative has been agreed before your current contract’s end date. Even worse is the fact that you might automatically be signed up for another year, on your supplier’s most expensive rate.

Why choose a fixed-rate business electricity tariff?

There’s no one-size-fits all approach to business electricity bills. While some companies are better suited to fixed rate contracts, others prefer variable rate deals.

A fixed rate tariff locks in the price you pay, and protects you against any sudden increases in prices. On the other hand, a variable rate contract will benefit you if commercial electric prices fall. At UKPower, you can compare both fixed rate and variable rate tariffs, although we generally advise our customers to choose the former rather than the latter. Here’s why:

  • Fixed term business electricity prices are usually cheaper than variable energy deals in the long term
  • Your new commercial electricity supplier may be able to offer you a renewable energy option
  • By setting up a direct debit, SMEs can find it much easier to budget when they know exactly how much money is going to come out of their account each month
  • You’ll be protected against any wholesale electricity price increases
  • A dedicated Love Energy Savings account manager will be back in touch once your fixed-term contract is coming to its expiry date
  • Energy prices are fixed at varying lengths to suit the needs of your SME, this is all clearly shown via your commercial electricity comparison results

But, it’s worth noting that some companies are better suited to variable rates, so why not get in touch with one of our experts to find out more? The UKPower business energy experts can explain the nuances of the global market and point out how certain events can have an impact on your business electricity prices.

If you’re currently on a deal that doesn’t suit your business, why not have a chat with us? Our cheap business electricity compare team will look at a range of energy tariffs from our panel of trusted UK suppliers to help you save money on your energy bills. Catch our experts now on 0800 688 8773.

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