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*At least 10% of UKPower business customers who made a saving on their business electricity and gas contracts between August 2018 and August 2019, saved on average £2,144.

The scale at which large businesses use energy vastly differs from that of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Whether this is across multiple sites, many more staff or a much larger property, the energy needs of big companies outweighs that of any other sized firm. With this in mind, we’ve put together a summary of how to get the best electricity prices for large businesses.

What qualifies as a large business?

There are boundaries to what is considered a large business to energy companies, and they might differ from the ideas that you have. To utility companies, any business that uses 55,000kWh of electricity or 200,000kWh of gas each year is considered a large business.

When your business makes it to this size, it doesn’t matter which source you use the most, it’s likely that one of your biggest overheads is the price you pay for energy. Which is why large business gas and electricity prices should be near the top of your agenda.

The task of comparing rates for energy can be a tough, boring task but it doesn’t need to be. There can be payback in utilising services - like our own - that take the journey of finding new suppliers away at no cost to yourself. Below, let us talk you through some options available.

What is half hourly metering?

Half hourly metering is a method of sending data to your supplier in half hour intervals, in order to provide a more accurate, and often cheaper, reading.

This method of metering has been designed especially for business premises, and operates through a connection on the phone line that automatically sends the reading to your supplier. This is such a handy feature because, above all, it means you don’t need to record your energy usage, as half hourly metering does it for you.

These meters provide an accurate and regular update for yourself, too, which means you can note when your busiest periods are and use this information to tailor your energy plan to be more appropriate for your needs.

Does your business need a half hourly electricity meter?

Standards require businesses with a 100kW an hour or more to have a half hour meter fitted by law, so if you’re hitting and breaking that amount, you either will have one, or should make arrangements to get one fitted pretty soon.

The companies that tend to exceed these figures are usually large scale, so we’re talking department stores, manufacturing plants and assembly plants. These are more energy-intensive business, whose very existence is based on power resources as much as human resources.

You’ll also have the option to have a half hourly electricity meter installed if your business has a maximum demand of 70kW or more in any given half hour period. If you’re interested in this option, be sure to ask your supplier about having one installed.

If your business has a high level of energy usage this form of accountability could help save you money. Firstly, it’s more accurate, so your bill will also be more precise. But it also gives you a great ability to compare suppliers with a complete knowledge of your usage patterns.

What is a multi-site energy contract?

If you’re a business with many properties, you might have separate contracts for each site. Taking into consideration that you will be using both gas and electricity, the confusion can soon escalate. Not only will this become a pain, but you will no doubt be paying over the odds if this is the situation you’re in.

A multi-site deal is set up for businesses in that very circumstance. If you have more than one site, you can take advantage of a billing method built to take away the hassle of having various contracts by creating one, single bill for your whole business.

What are the benefits of a multi-site energy contract?

Getting both your gas and electricity from one single supplier gives you great flexibility to save both time and money, but also a level of ease when maintaining and negotiating new contracts – having just one renewal date to consider means you’ll easily be able to change upgrade your tariff in future.

Because you’re buying your energy on a large scale, you also have a greater freedom to negotiate a better deal, because - like with anything - buying in bulk reduces the cost for the supplier and yourself.

How to get the best large business gas and electricity rates

Comparing business energy quotes and going back-and-forth between suppliers takes a lot of time. Because it’s often not front-of-mind, business owners rarely take this into consideration. That's where UKPower comes in. Our team of experts can shift the heavy lifting for you - we compare each tariff on the market and make sure you’re getting the very best deal you can. It is our aim to reduce the cost and stress of energy for your business.

All you need to do is give us a call - our business savings experts will talk through your consumption habits and needs before searching the market, then present you with the best deals and advise on a tariff that suits you.

To make your call simpler, it can be helpful to have the following items to hand:

  • A recent energy bill
  • Your business' registration information
  • Your MPAN and MPRN numbers from your bill or meter
  • Your current contract's end date
  • The date your switching window opens

We’re here to help and we are merely a phone call away. Give us a call on 0800 197 8118 to kickstart your energy saving today.