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To make sure your business is billed accurately each month, it’s important to regularly check and submit meter readings to your energy supplier - if you don’t send meter readings each quarter at least, your supplier will estimate your usage and you might end up underpaying or overpaying for your gas and electricity.

Legally, your energy supplier only has responsibility to check your meter themselves once every two years. By this time, their estimation of how much energy you use will be far wide of the mark, meaning it’s on you to take and provide readings.

Your meter will either be dial, LCD or mechanical, and each displays your meter reading in slightly different ways. It’s really important that you know which one you have. In addition, if you have more than one rate – for example, if you have an economy 7 energy deal – then you may need to record multiple readings.

How to take a business energy meter reading

See below for the different types of meter, how to read them and any extra information.

How to read a dial display energy meter

There are two different types of dial meter, and the type that you have will depend on how much energy you consume on average. If the left-hand side of your meter is labelled 10,000, then you only need to record the readings in the first five dials.

But if that same meter is labelled 100,000 then you should read all six dials on your meter from left to right. If the pointer in the dial is between two different numbers, then you should always read the lower number. However, if the pointer is between 9 and 0 then you should read the higher number, and reduce the dial to the left by one.

How to read an LCD display energy meter

LCD meters are much simpler to read - and explain. All you have to do is simply record the figure that is shown on the screen. The only slight complication is if you’re on a multi-rate system. Here, you will need to scroll through the options via a keypad to find the recording you need.

How to read a mechanical display energy meter

Mechanical display meters are the easiest to read. There is one number, and that’s all you need. Be sure to write it down in full. Even if you’ve got a multi-reader, there will simply be more than one screen. Make a note of all of the numbers available.

How to get a smart meter

Smart meter reading is fast becoming the most resourceful way of keeping track of your energy consumption. If you’re not yet using electric meter reading, it’s really simple to have a smart meter installed. Call up your provider and request an inspection of your home. They’ll come and take a look at whether you’re able to have one installed (as long as your meter is accessible, there shouldn’t be a problem).

After this, they’ll set you an installation date and somebody from your supplier will come and set it up for you. It’s that easy. Your meter will need to be at the same point as your old one, but offers a greater understanding of your usage.

What are the benefits of smart energy meters for business?

There are so many benefits of having a smart meter in your business. For a start, your reading will be more accurate. Digital electric meter readings, for example, can pinpoint your usage to the time and allow that to help tailor future energy plans. You will also be able to approach your current supplier for energy saving tips and advice that is personalised to your business.

How to submit a business energy meter reading

Now we’ve shown you how to take a meter reading, your next step is to submit them to your energy supplier. This is easy, and can be done a few different ways:

  • Through their website
  • Through logging into their smartphone app
  • Over the telephone
  • Automatically – if your premises has a valid smart meter installed.

Installing a smart meter can allow you to keep a better understanding of how you use energy. If you start to feel like you can get a better deal elsewhere, why not call our team of experts? They can help you move from your current deal, to a new, improved, cheaper and more appropriate plan.

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