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A busy restaurant has the potential to consume vast amounts of energy. Heating and lighting are integral to the customer experience, and refrigeration and cooking are essential for behind the scenes operation. In fact, approximately 5% of a restaurant’s total expenditure can be spent on energy alone.

This figure may not seem like a lot, but when you consider that the average restaurant’s profit margin is usually less than 10% of gross revenue, the cost of energy can quickly become a matter of concern. Plus, any money you save on your energy expenses will go straight to your bottom line.

Saving on your restaurant’s energy bills

First and foremost, the easiest way to reduce the cost of your energy bills is to run a comparison on business energy deals. If you have never switched supplier, or have been with the same supplier for a few years, then it is highly likely you are paying more than you need to for your restaurant’s utilities.

Restaurant energy efficiency

Even after you’ve made sure that you’ve got the best energy contract for your restaurant, there are additional steps that you could take to reduce your overall energy consumption by up to 40%, which could, in turn, boost your restaurant’s profits.


  • Fitting energy efficient CFL light bulbs throughout your restaurant will use 75% less electricity than standard bulbs.
  • Occupancy sensors can reduce electricity usage by 30-50%. These are particularly useful in rooms such as cellars, toilets, storerooms, function rooms, etc.


  • Maintaining a constant temperature on your thermostat is more efficient than changing it throughout the day. You can buy equipment to automatically monitor temperatures and adjust thermostats accordingly.
  • A lot of heat from water in your central heating is lost through pipes. Simply insulating the pipes can significantly reduce this waste of energy.
  • Boilers should be serviced regularly, and old ones replaced entirely. Boiler replacement or maintenance may sound costly, but will actually save you money in the long term if your existing equipment is not up to scratch.


  • Fitting controls, such as flow regulators, to taps in your restaurant reduces the amount of water that comes through when the tap is turned on, cutting consumption overall and ultimately reducing your bill.
  • You can convert your existing toilets into low-flush toilets easily by placing something heavy such as a brick into the cistern, which displaces water and therefore results in less water being used with each flush.


  • Installing double glazed windows can help reduce some of the 26% of heat that can be lost through poorly insulated windows.
  • A whopping 35% of heat can be lost from your restaurant just through poor or non-existent draught proofing.
  • Walls that are not properly insulated leave a potential 9% of heat able to escape.
  • Insulating your roof can cut down on up to 22% of heat loss.

Reducing restaurant gas and electricity costs

If you want to reduce your restaurant’s utility bills, you can follow any or all of the above tips, and you should start to see a difference. Although many of the above changes are small-scale and fairly easy to make, possibly one of the most effective is to run a comparison and switch suppliers.

To make the most of your energy savings, it is important that your first step is to switch onto the cheapest business gas and electricity deal available. At we have access to cheap business energy deals from across the market and years of expertise in switching businesses onto cheaper energy deals. We are here to help you find the best deal for your restaurant and make the process of switching your energy straightforward. To find out more call us today on 0800 326 5517 or click here to get an online quote.

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