Cheap energy technology deal between EDF and EPSRC

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EDF has signed a deal with the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to develop a European energy efficiency research centre.

The £4 million deal could see the company speed up the research process into greener forms of electricity generation.

The pair will investigate how energy about the home is used and specialists hope to develop more effective ways to heat properties as a result – news which could have a huge impact on consumers and the cost of their electricity bills.

Eric Salomon, of EDF Energy's Energy Services, said: "The results of this research will help us speed up the delivery of low carbon technology to residential and business customers around the UK and could help reduce energy costs and their carbon footprints."

He added that the research could lead to a change in domestic heating as dramatic as the change from VHS to DVDs seen in the late 90s.

In related news, Thermascan has developed a thermal imaging system which can determine whether a property needs loft or cavity wall insulation to help cut back on electricity costs.

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