More than half of Britons don't trust energy suppliers - SMCDB survey finds

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Just over half of people in Great Britain don't trust energy suppliers, a recent survey has found.

Around 51 per cent of the 10,000 adults who participated in the poll, conducted by the Smart Meter Central Delivery Body (SMCDB), stated that they lacked trust in any supplier. The figure increased to 57 per cent for those with a disability or currently living in a state of fuel poverty.

Fuel poverty is a term used to describe households that have required fuel costs about the national average, or those that, if they were to pay their required fuel costs, would be left with a residual income below the official poverty line.

Much of the lack of trust surrounding accuracy of bills - 37 per cent stated they were worried their bills weren't accurate, whilst 41 per cent said they were worried they pay for more energy than they actually use.

The SMCDB's survey also highlighted the feeling that consumers feel they don't have information to choose a tariff that's right for them - 39 per cent said they weren't confident they had enough information to choose the right energy supplier. And a further 43 per cent argued that they don't feel like they have information to select the right energy tariff.

However, nearly half (44 per cent) responded they would be interested in installing a smart meter in their homes.

Commenting on the results, SMCDB chief executive, Sacha Deshmukh said: "Our research shows that more than half of the population feel they cannot trust any energy supplier.

"In an era when we are able to compare, record and track our household spending more easily than ever before, two in five of us have no idea whether we're paying too much for our energy," he added.

Mr Deshmukh went onto criticise what he described as "antiquated systems," arguing that they were no longer fit for purpose, before going onto add a national smart meter roll out was important in allowing households to have greater control of usage and bills.

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