Small changes 'can result in cheap gas and electricity'

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People looking for cheap gas and cheap electricity have been reminded of a number of tips that could help them to save.

Gordon Miller, sustainability and communications director at Sustain, says insulating a home "really doesn't cost a lot" and can have a significant effect on bills.

While a switch of energy supplier in order to access lower rates can be an effective way of paying out less cash, making changes around a property can also help.

Mr Miller goes on to note boiling only the required amount of water is another method that will mean less fuel is consumed.

He points out new eco-friendly buildings are worth considering, as they bring with them many positive aspects.

"Often these homes are better insulated so they retain the heat better in the winter and in the summer they are cooler," the expert suggests.

The Energy Technologies Institute recently announced a £3 million scheme designed to improve energy efficiency for the majority of the UK's homes.

Posted by Anne Yevel

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