How to find your MPAN number and MPRN number

When you switch energy supplier, you might be asked for your meter supply numbers, which are figures displayed on your gas and electricity meters that mark them out as unique to your property.

Also known as an MPAN number on meters for electricity and an MPRN number on gas meters, here’s how you can find your gas and electricity supply meter numbers.

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How to find your MPAN number

MPAN stands for Metering Point Administration Number, and it's the unique identity reference number for your electricity meter which provides certain information as shown in the example below.

An MPAN number search isn't quite as complicated as it might sound, as the number itself is quite easy to spot on your meter or bill, as it's contained inside a series of seven small boxes with a capital S at the front.

The simplest way to find your MPAN number is to check the top left or bottom right of your last electricity bill, bearing in mind it might be in small print and may not stand out as much as you'd expect.

The image below is an example of what your MPAN should look like.

What does an MPAN look like?

mpan-number There are similar boxes on the application forms where the above numbers can be entered.

Our energy comparison tool lets us to validate your application using just your postcode, but it’s worth having your electricity meter point reference number to hand, in case any issues arise.

If you haven’t got a previous bill to hand, you can get your MPAN by ringing your local electricity supplier. Their telephone number will be in the local telephone directory or check out Who is my gas and electricity supplier? for more information.

If you still don’t know who your local electricity supplier is, you find out by calling Consumer Direct on 0845 404 0506 and giving them your address and postcode.

How to find your MPRN number

If you have a recent energy bill to hand, your gas meter point reference number (MPRN) is the 10-digit number usually placed at the top or the bottom of the bill.

The number doesn’t contain any letters and it should also be stamped on the actual gas meter itself.

What does an MPRN look like?

Meter Point Reference 0123456789

Our energy comparison tool enables us to validate your application using just your postcode, but it’s always handy to have your gas meter point reference number jotted down, in case any issues arise.

If you do not have a previous bill, you can get your MPRN by entering your postcode at Find My Supplier or by calling the Meter Number Helpline on 0870 608 1524. Please note calls cost 7p per min plus your company’s access charge.

How to switch energy supplier

Changing gas and electricity supplier couldn't be easier! Just follow these simple steps to compare suppliers and switch to a better deal:

  1. Tell us how much you pay at the moment and who to
  2. View the results, based on this information to see who your cheapest supplier is and click to switch
  3. Complete a simple application form on this site
  4. handles this application on your behalf and sends it to your chosen supplier
  5. Your new supplier will contact you to arrange the transfer of your gas and electricity supply

The whole process should take 17 days and remember, it costs nothing and no need for changing your gas or electricity pipes into your property.

We don’t need gas and electricity meter readings at this stage of the application process, but you might need to provide them nearer the time when your account is actually switched from one supplier to the other.

And we won’t need the numbers stamped on the actual meters. These are not the correct numbers to use to transfer the account. The numbers we require are the ones on the last bills you received.

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