2006 Energy Price Updates

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This page gives historical details of gas and electricity price rises and falls as they were announced by the gas suppliers and electricity suppliers during the year 2006.

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2006 Gas & Electricity Price Update History

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Supplier & Date Description

27 December 2006

New Gas Guardian 2008 tariff added for comparisons only. This replaces the old Gas Guardian tariff from 1st Jan 2007.

13 December 2006

New Online Energy Saver 2 tariff released.

28 November 2006

New 2010 Price Guarantee and 2010 Price Stepper tarrifs available.

16 November 2006

New gas & electricity prices updated for the Powergen Price Protection 2010 tariff.

06 November 2006

New Energy Online Winter Saver and Electricity Online Winter Saver tariffs released.

05 June 2006

New Online Energy Saver 4 tariff released.

This replaces the Online Energy Saver 3 tariff.

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