2008 Energy Price Updates

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This page gives historical details of gas and electricity price rises and falls as they were announced by the gas suppliers and electricity suppliers during the year 2008.

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2008 Gas & Electricity Price Update History

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Supplier & Date Description

18 December 2008

Click Energy 6 removed from the market
New WebSaver 1 tariff launched

15 December 2008

Updates to the Energy Online Extra Saver V11 tariff, changes to discounts and now available in Manweb, Scottish Power and Swalec regions.

11 December 2008

Fixed Tariff V3 removed from the market
Two new tariffs launched, 'Energy Saver v7' replacing 'Energy Saver v6' and 'Track and Save'

04 December 2008

New, reduced prepayment meter prices updated.

04 December 2008

Updated first:utility standard and economy 7 tariffs

28 November 2008

Removal of all current fixed price products and launch of PoriceSure Energy and Capped Price Energy April 2010.

28 November 2008

New, reduced prepayment meter prices updated.

27 November 2008

New, reduced prepayment meter prices updated.

24 November 2008

New Tariff Launched, Energy Online Extra Saver 11, available dual fuel and electricity only.
This tariff has replaced Energy Online Extra Saver 10.

20 November 2008

Energy Discount v1 has been removed from the market and replaced with Energy Discount v2.
Available for Dual fuel and electricity only.

17 November 2008

New Tariff Launched, Price Freeze 2009

03 November 2008

Sign Online 13 has been withdrawn.
Two new tariffs launched, Sign Online 14 (standard & paperless billing) and Web 14 (Paperless billing).

15 October 2008

New tariff launched, EnergyOnline Extra Saver v10.
Existing EnergyOnline Extra Saver v9 has been withdrawn.

12 October 2008

New tariff launched, Energy Saver V6.

01 October 2008

Updated prices for standard and standard plus prices.

01 October 2008

New tariff launched, Fixed Price V3.
Price Protection v18 tariff has been withdrawn.

30 September 2008

New electricity tariff launched, Online Electricity V6.
New fixed tariff launched, Price Protection 2010.

29 September 2008

Click Energy 5 has been removed from the market.
Updated prices for Click PAYGE.
New tariff launched, Click Energy 6.

17 September 2008

Fixed Price 2012 product replaces Fixed Price 2011.

17 September 2008

Age Concern 2 tariffs replace Age Concern tariffs and fixed price v2 removed.

08 September 2008

Updated prices for the prepayment tariff.

02 September 2008

Updated prices for high, medium and low user tariffs.

02 September 2008

Updated the ecotricity prices for the Npower and Scottish Power regions.

31 August 2008

Good Energy Standard tariff have been updated.

28 August 2008

All npower prices updated

28 August 2008

All Scottish Power prices updated

26 August 2008

Fixed price tariffs have been removed.

26 August 2008

Updated the ecotricity green new energy and new energy plus tariffs.

24 August 2008

New prices updated and effective 25th August.Prices for electricity customers will increase by 19.2% (average) and prices for gas customers will increase by 29.2%, and they will be held at the revised levels until at least the start of 2009.

21 August 2008

Added/updated the following tariffs 'Standard (Energy Plan)', 'Go Green', 'EnergyOnline', 'Energy Discount 2009', 'Age Concern High User' and 'Age Concern'.

20 August 2008

Removed all tarrifs except Energy Online Extra Saver V8.
Added three new tariffs 'Price Protection 2010 (v18)', 'Fixed Price 2009 (v2)' and 'Energy Saver V5'

19 August 2008

Removed the pre registration Fixed Price Energy Oct 2009 Tariff and added a new Fixed Price 2009 Online tariff.

17 August 2008

Price updates for all tariffs.

11 August 2008

New Fixed Price Energy Oct 2009 Tariff launched

05 August 2008

New Energy Guarantee V6 Tariff launched

03 August 2008

Green New Energy and New Energy Plus Tariffs have been updated for the London and South East areas

31 July 2008

Standard Tariff and Standard Plus Tariff prices have been updated.

31 July 2008

All British Gas prices updated.

  • The Click Energy 5 and Market Tracker prices remain unchanged.
  • British Gas Price Guarantee December 2009

31 July 2008

Price Protection 2009 and Energy Saver V4 tariffs removed

29 July 2008

Price rise for all EDF Online customers (versions 1 to 5)

28 July 2008

Fixed Price 2009 tariffs removed

24 July 2008

Price Protection 2009 product added

24 July 2008

Price rise by average of 17% for electricity and 22% for gas.

23 July 2008

Energy Online Extra Saver V7 replaced with V8

23 July 2008

power One tariff removed

21 July 2008

Price Protection V16 tariff replaced with V17
Energy Saver V3 tariff replaced with V4

07 July 2008

New Fixed Discount 2010 product added

29 June 2008

New Click Pay As You Go Energy tariff launched.

29 June 2008

Sign Online v12 tariff replaced with Sign Online v11

25 June 2008

Price Protection V15 tariff replaced with V16
Energy Saver V2 tariff replaced with V3

20 June 2008

Price Fix 2011 tariff removed

11 June 2008

Atlantic Online tariffs removed from market
All Scottish and Southern brand gas tariffs removed from market

04 June 2008

Energy Online Extra Saver v6 tariff replaced with v7

03 June 2008

New Fixed Price Energy 2009 tariffs launched

01 June 2008

New Price Protection V15 replaces Price Protection V14 tariff

01 June 2008

New Energy Saver V2 replaces Energy Saver V1 tariff

31 May 2008

Energy Saver tariff discount change

29 May 2008

Click Energy 5 tariffs rate change

28 May 2008

Sign Online tariff rate change

18 May 2008

New Price Guarantee 2009 product launched

01 May 2008

Click Energy 5 tariffs rate change

23 April 2008

New Sign Online v11 tariff replaces Sign Online v10

13 April 2008

New ONE tariff launched

13 April 2008

New discounts applied for quarterly variable Direct Debit customers

13 April 2008

New Energy Saver V1 tariff launched

28 March 2008

New energy Online Extra Saver v6 products added

20 March 2008

Prices updated on all tariffs

18 March 2008

New energy Online Extra Saver v6 products added

17 March 2008

New Fixed 2009 product

04 March 2008

Withdrawal of online tariff

04 March 2008

New prices for Market Tracker product

02 March 2008

Updated prices for all Ebico tariffs. New prices effective 31st March 2009.

22 February 2008

New Price Fix 2011 tariff added

08 February 2008

Click Energy 5 tariff replaces Click Energy 4 tariff.

08 February 2008

All E.ON prices updated

02 February 2008

New Scottish Power prices updated.
Nex Fixed Price tariffs added.

01 February 2008

Good Energy prices updated

24 January 2008

Discounted Energy Tariff added.

18 January 2008

New EDF prices updated

18 January 2008

New British Gas standard tariff rates added.
New British Gas Price Protection February 2009 product added.

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