2009 Energy Price Updates

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This page gives historical details of gas and electricity price rises and falls as they were announced by the gas suppliers and electricity suppliers during the year 2009.

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2009 Gas & Electricity Price Update History

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Supplier & Date Description

01 January 2010

Updated prices for the Utility Warehouse low, medium and high user plans.

31 December 2009

Scottish Power have launched Oline Energy Saver version 8. Tariffs and terms are the same as version 7.

29 December 2009

SSE has revised the existing 'Atlantic Online Fixed Price (FP)' tariff. The rates have been reduced, whilst the end date has been brought forward to 31 March 2011 (i.e. from 31 August 2011). This revision is 'overwriting' the initial tariff. Existing customers can opt for either the old or new prices/terms.

21 December 2009

E.ON launch FixOnline 5 to replace FixOnline 4. This is a fixed term contract until the 1st March 2011.

16 December 2009

Scotitish Power launch a new tariff Online Saver v8 to replace the previous Online Saver v7 tariff, providing a competitive online tariff with a discounted rate untill at least December 2010.

14 December 2009

Npower have launched 2 new tariffs, Sign Online 17 and Web 17, providing a top cheap tariff with online billing and management facilities.

09 December 2009

First:Utility have launched a new tariff "Smart Online Saver v3", this tariff replaces the "Smart Direct" tariff and offers one of the cheapest rates available for the midlands regions.

07 December 2009

British Gas have launched a new tariff, Web Saver 5.

04 December 2009

Npower launch new a tariff 'Go Save', this tariff offers an additional £5 discount reward on top of their standard tariff for using paperless billing.

20 November 2009

Launch of new tariff Online S@ver v4, offering a minimal 2% discount on EDF standard tariff untill at least 31st December 2010. Additional £30 EDF Energy Shop Voucher available upon succesful switch (duel fuel only, voucher delivered by EDF in the welcome pack).

18 November 2009

First:Utility Smart Direct launched in East Midlands and Midlands only. The prices will be held for a minimum of 3 months.

12 November 2009

Updated tariff prices.

02 November 2009

Go Direct 2 tariff rate update.

02 November 2009

Launch of a new tariff, Online S@ver V3, this tariff replaces Online S@ver v2 and Online Tariff V5. This tariff is also available as Sainsbury's Energy.

30 October 2009

New tariff launched, FixOnline V4 (replacing the previous FixOnline v3). FixOnline V4 provides a fixed term contract until 1st February 2011.

26 October 2009

New tariff launched, Go Direct 2 replacing the previous Go Direct tariff.

22 October 2009

Scottish Power have reduced the gas prices within their Online Energy Saver 7 tariffs effective 23rd October 2010.

21 October 2009

E.ON have launched Energy Discount V5 with effect Thursday 22nd October 2009. This replaces Energy Discount v4, prices are the same as standard with a further 2% discount until 1st February 2011.

18 October 2009

Npower have launched 2 new products, Go Fix and Go Fix XL offering peace of mind from price rises. (XL is for high users). Products are similar to the SOL/WEB products but cheaper and FIXED! The SOL/WEB products are no long available to new customers. Customer’s prices will be fixed until 31st December 2010 and there’s no cancellation fee.

11 October 2009

New tariff launched, Annual Fix v4 (replacing Annual Fix v3). The Annual Fix Version 4 tariff provides peace of mind of knowing the price of your energy, until at least the end of September 2010, and the opportunity to fix your prices again every year you remain on the tariff.

08 October 2009

ScottishPower announce that Online Energy Saver 7 is now available to Electricity only customers.

07 October 2009

Two new tariffs launched, Fixed Price v4 providing fixed prices until 1st December 2010 and 'Track and Save v3' providing a guaranteed lower bill than British Gas until 1 September 2010 (at Ofgem average energy profile)

06 October 2009

New prices issued for customers on E.ON Energy Energy Saver and Price Protection tariffs whose end dates were the 1st of October 2009.

02 October 2009

New discounts launched, 6% monthly direct discounts on standard based tariffs replacing the fixed discounts. Also additional no mains gas discount launched for the EDF home regions where no mains gas is supplied.

01 October 2009

FixOnline v3 product regional discounts have been updated.

01 October 2009

Scottish Power have updated their prices for the Online Energy Saver 7 tariff.

01 October 2009

Prices updates for the iSave dual fuel and SMart Online Saver v1 tariffs, updated prices apply for new and existing customers.

27 September 2009

New tariff launched, E.ON Energy Winter Gas.

24 September 2009

New tariff launched, Online Energy Saver 7, this tariff replaces the current Energy Saver 6 tariff.

22 September 2009

FixOnline v3 product discounts have been altered within the East Midlands and Yorkshire regions.

21 September 2009

Go Direct tariff has been updated with reduced electricity prices in the South Western and South Eastern regions.

15 September 2009

New tariff "Go Direct" has been launched.

10 September 2009

New tariff launch, iSave dual fuel, this tariff does not feature a smart meter and utilzes existing standard meters without contract periods or cancellation fees. The existing tariff rates for the Smart dual fuel saver 1 (available only in the midlands) has also been updated.

10 September 2009

Two new tariffs launched, OVO New Energy and OVO Green Energy plans. OVO Energy is a new energy company, just recently launched.

07 September 2009

New tariffs launched for Capped Energy and Discounted Energy tariffs, previous tariffs have now been withdrawn.

20 August 2009

E.ON have launched FixOnline 3 effective 21st August 2009 – fixed term contract until the 1st December 2010. Applications are available via accredited Price Comparison Services.

19 August 2009

British Gas - Withdrawal of WebSaver 3 and launch of WebSaver 4. Applications are not available via accredited Price Comparison Services.

16 August 2009

EDF Online v5 is now available for in the following areas Eastern, East Midlands, Manweb, Midlands, Northern, Norweb, Scottish Hydro, Southern, Scottish Power and Yorkshire

16 August 2009

first:utility has launched a new tariff called Smart Dual fuel online saver V1 available in East Midlands and Midlands only.

11 August 2009

British Gas launch new Track and Save 2011 tariffs at a minimum discount of 2% for domestic electricity and a minimum 2% for domestic gas customers below standard variable credit rates between 13th July 2009 and 31st January 2011.

04 August 2009

E.ON Energy launch Save Online v1, this replaces the Energy Online Extra Saver products, and is available with and without standing charge and for electricity only as well as dual fuel.

23 July 2009

New tariff launched, Energy Saver v9.

23 July 2009

EDF have relaunched the Online Tariff V5

19 July 2009

New tariffs launched, Sign Online 16 and Web 16. These tariffs replace the previous version 15 tariffs which have been removed from the market.

16 July 2009

New tariff launched, Online Energy Saver v6. This tariff replaces Online Energy Saver v5 which has been withdrawn.

14 July 2009

New versions of our energysaver and standard tariffs.

09 July 2009

All first:utility tariffs have been pulled from the market.

08 July 2009

EON has launched a new tariff Energy Discount v4 replacing the previous ENergy Discount v3 tariff

08 July 2009

The Spark Energy standard and Standard plus tariff prices have been updated

06 July 2009

EON has removed the standing charge for Gas Prepayment Customers. EON has also reduced gas prices on Age Concern v1 and v2 (including high user), Energy Discount v1-v3, Energy Extra Saver up to v13, Energy Saver v7 and v8, Energy Online, Price Protection v18 and Go Green tariffs.

24 June 2009

New tariff launch, Fix 'n' Flex Version 1. Prices fixed till 31st July 2010 with flexibility to switch to any other Scottish Power tariff within 6 months.

21 June 2009

New tariff launched, Annual Fix v3, this tariff replaces version 2 which has been withdrawn from the market.

10 June 2009

Scottish Power released a new product called "Pay in advance" which tracks 5% below the standard monthly Direct Debit prices. Customers can make a one-off payment for their energy upfront and can pay for a whole year or more in advance.

19 May 2009

New tariff launch, Energy Extra Saver v14, replacing the existing Energy Extra Saver v13 tariff.
The FixOnline V2 tariff has also been withdrawn from the market.

10 May 2009

Updated prices for 'Track and Save v1-v2' and 'Energy Guarantee v4-v6'.

07 May 2009

British Gas cuts electricity prices by 10% effective from the 7th of May 2009. All tariffs have been updated.

06 May 2009

New tariff 'FixOnline v2' has been launched to replace 'FixOnline'.

06 May 2009

New tariff 'Web Saver 3' has been launched to replace 'Web Saver 2'.

29 April 2009

New tariff 'Online Energy Saver' has been launched.

27 April 2009

New tariff 'Track and Save v2' has been launched to replace 'Track and Save'.

26 April 2009

New tariff 'Energy Discount Plan' has been launched.

22 April 2009

The tariff 'Track and Save' has been removed from the market.

08 April 2009

New tariff launched Energy Saver v8.

08 April 2009

Updated Prices for the Green Energy Tariffs.

05 April 2009

New tariff launched Sign Online 15 and Web 15 to replace version 14.

05 April 2009

The tariff 'Price Guarantee 2010' has been removed from the market.

02 April 2009

Updated tariff rates for WebSaver 2. (new rates effective from 7th of April)

31 March 2009

Updated prices for low, medium and high user tariffs

30 March 2009

Updated all historical tariffs including energy extra saver, price protection, energy saver and energy guarantee tariffs.

27 March 2009

New tariff launch, FixOnline available dual fuel and electricity online for monthly direct debit.

24 March 2009

Updated prices for the Websaver 2 tariff.

17 March 2009

Updated prices for Good Energy.

16 March 2009

Standard, age concern, energy discount v1 and v2 and EnergyOnline product prices have been updated.

16 March 2009

Price changes to all tariffs for Southern Electric, Scottish Hydro Electric and SWALEC.

16 March 2009

Price changes to affect all tariffs, excluding sign online 14 and web 14.

13 March 2009

Capped Price Energy April 2010 has been replaced with Capped Price Energy July 2010

13 March 2009

Smart Energy online has been replaced by Smart Energy online v2.

12 March 2009

Energy Online v12 has been replaced with Energy Online v13.

05 March 2009

Updated prices for standard and online tariffs

04 March 2009

Updated prices for First:Utility standard rate tariff.

02 March 2009

Updated prices for EDF standard and green tarrifs. Price increase effective from 31st of March.

02 March 2009

Updated prices for all Ebico tariffs. New prices effective 31st March 2009.

20 February 2009

Tariff Websaver 1 has been removed from the market and replaced by Websaver 2.
A new fixed price tariff launched, Price Guarantee March 2010, for pixed prices untill the 31st March 2010.

19 February 2009

Price updates for the 'Track and Save' and 'Energy Guarantee v4-v6' tariffs.

03 February 2009

Price reduction of 10% on British Gas standard tariffs. The reduction is effective from 19 February 2009.

03 February 2009

Replaced the Annual Fix V1 tariff with Annual Fix v2 tariff.

31 January 2009

Removed Price Protector tariff from the market..

19 January 2009

Updated Electricity Price for the Standard tariff

19 January 2009

New Tariff Launched, Annual Fix Version 1 with rates guarenteed till 31 December 2009.
All other EDF fixed price tariffs have been removed from the market.

12 January 2009

Price Fixed 2012 removed from the market

05 January 2009

Scottish Power Price Sure gas prices have been reduced by 10%

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