UK vs EU Energy - Prices, consumption and renewables

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The UK energy market is almost always in the news for some reason or other – whether it be reports of rising prices or the latest supplier scandal. Where commercial energy is concerned, the market can often be particularly confusing, causing much discontent amongst business owners. But, the only way to truly tell how good or bad Britain’s energy market really is, is to compare it to others. So, how does the UK commercial energy market stack up against that of other European countries? See the below infographic to find out:  

UK business energy vs EU business energy infographic

So, despite the fact that the UK energy market gets more than its fair share of negative press, it may not actually be as bad as it’s made out to be. There is certainly room for improvement in some areas – consumption of renewable energies, for instance – but in others, the UK holds its own against the rest of Europe. 

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