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Incumbent suppliers

The UK is split into 14 different energy regions. Each region has what’s known as an ‘incumbent’ gas and electricity supplier. These incumbent suppliers are basically the default energy supplier for the region.

Scotland has two electricity regions. For Southern Scotland, including Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scottish Power are the incumbent electricity supplier.

For northern Scotland (approximately anywhere north of Dundee) the incumbent supplier is SSE.

British Gas is the incumbent gas supplier for the whole of Scotland.

If you are uncertain who supplies your property currently, you can call 0870 608 1524 to find your gas supplier, or to find your electricity supplier in Northern Scotland call 0345 026 2554 and in Southern Scotland call 0845 270 9101.

Scotland energy prices

If you haven’t switched energy supplier previously, you may well find that you’re on your incumbent suppliers ‘standard’ tariff. A standard tariff is usually a supplier’s most expensive tariff so it would be wise to seek a cheaper deal as soon as possible.

There is no termination fee when leaving a standard rate tariff, so there is no reason not to switch onto a better deal as soon as possible. Enter your postcode below to find out who is currently offering the best price energy tariffs in your area.

Switching Supplier

Even if you aren’t on a standard tariff you could still be saving money. By running an energy price comparison, you can find the best deal for your area and individual usage.

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