Parents and the retired 'most likely to become energy efficient'

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Parents and those in retirement are the most likely groups in the UK to embrace greener lifestyles and become more energy efficient, according to new research.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) also found that the majority of consumers across Britain feel they have a personal responsibility to become more eco-friendly in areas including energy consumption, finance and transport.

Environment minister Joan Ruddock said the study revealed that the government should be doing its best to "lead by example" on going green.

"This research shows public expectations of government are high and we should be leading by example," she stated.

"We need to help people understand the impacts of their own behaviour and suggest simple, affordable ways of making a difference."

Defra recently launched a major energy efficiency scheme in Leeds, Manchester and Bristol to encourage households and businesses in the areas to reduce their carbon emissions.

The Low Carbon Cities Programme is also expected to make funding available for smaller schemes in areas including Birmingham, Liverpool and Newcastle.

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