Retrofitting energy efficiency measures 'should be more desirable'

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The government needs to make the process of retrofitting more desirable if more homes in the UK are going to take part in the process, according to the Green Alliance.

Retrofitting often involves installing energy efficiency measures in existing buildings to bring them up to the environmental standards of new builds. The Green Alliance believes that this is important as 75 per cent of the houses which are lived in today will still be occupied in 2050.

Thomas Lingard, deputy director, Green Alliance, said that as more established brands start to offer retrofitting as part of their services more people will warm up to the idea. However, the government needs to make sure that they are doing enough to encourage the practice.

He said: "What we really need is a hard commitment from [the] government to bring in policies which will make these kinds of retrofits more that it is the rule and not the exception that these kinds of things are happening."

Making energy efficiency improvements to your property can considerably lower your gas and electricity bills. The Department of Energy and Climate change estimates that up to £1 in every £3 spent on energy is being wasted if your home isn't properly insulated.

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