Workers 'want to improve energy efficiency'

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Employees in businesses across the UK have revealed their desire to improve their energy efficiency and lower their carbon footprint.

New research by the Carbon Trust has found that around 70 per cent of workers are interested in becoming greener but want more help from their employers to help them do so.

The study also found that only around 20 per cent of workers feel their company is doing enough to become energy efficient, while two-thirds feel they have not been encouraged to be green and use alternative transport to come to work.

Hugh Jones, the Carbon Trust's solutions director, said that it has "never been important" for businesses to tackle climate change issues.

"With savings of up to 20 per cent to be made on energy bills through no cost or cost effective measures it makes perfect business sense to empower employees to do their bit both at work and at home," he added.

Established by the government, the Carbon Trust has been created to encourage businesses and organisations to lower their carbon footprints.

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