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18 Jun

Energy Poverty: How We Can Fuel Change

Energy poverty is a pressing issue, affecting millions of households across the UK. As the cost of living rises and wages stagnate, more and more families are finding it difficult to heat and power their homes.

13 Jun

How Nuclear in North Wales Could Impact Energy

The UK Government has confirmed Wylfa on Anglesey as the preferred site for a new large-scale nuclear project, marking a significant milestone in the UK's energy strategy.

03 Jun

The July 2024 Energy Price Cap Change Made Simple

In a promising (but not-so-simple) update for consumers, energy regulator Ofgem recently announced that the Energy Price Cap will decrease by 7% starting on 1st July 2024.

29 May

Renewables Now Powering 30% of World’s Energy

Almost a third of the world's electricity was generated from renewable sources in 2023, marking a staggering 19% increase from the turn of the century.

22 May

Clearing the Air: The Link Between Energy and Air Quality

While the energy market exerts a significant influence on environmental factors, air quality also influences energy consumption patterns. This article sheds light on how these two elements shape each other and how the relationship impacts consumers in the UK.

14 May

Why Soaring Temperatures Mean Rising Bills

In a disturbing yet unsurprising revelation, BBC analysis has uncovered that the world's oceans have been breaking temperature records daily for the past year. Based on data from the EU's Copernicus climate service, the analysis reveals that oceans have been experiencing unprecedented temperatures, with each day since May 2023 setting a new record.

08 May

Simple Steps for Smooth Switches

If you have considered switching your energy supplier in the past but put it off, there’s a good chance it was because you were worried about the hassle. However, Ofgem rules have changed to provide more robust support for consumers stuck in limbo between energy suppliers.

01 May

Interest Rates Threaten UK’s Green Energy Shift

A recent report from the Resolution Foundation has sounded a warning regarding the impact of elevated interest rates on the UK's transition to renewable energy. According to the think tank, persistently high borrowing costs could significantly inflate expenses associated with the country's green energy initiatives.

22 Apr

Attacks in the Middle East Rock Oil Market

Oil prices experienced a downturn last week following Iran's strike on Israel. Brent crude, a commonly used global benchmark, edged lower. This decline contrasted with a price surge the week before as anticipation of Iranian action grew, pushing Brent crude to an almost six-month high.

15 Apr

Record-Breaking March Raises Energy Alarm

The last month will go down in history as the warmest March on record, marking the tenth consecutive month of record-breaking temperatures globally. This unsettling trend has raised concerns among scientists.

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