2009 July news archive

30 July

As profits hit £299m, will British Gas lower energy prices?

Consumer groups are calling for one of the big six energy firms to slash its gas and electricity prices following a massive 80 per cent rise in profits.

29 July

Slough to be energy-saving city?

When they hear the word 'Slough' the first thing people think of is not necessarily eco-friendly, however the region is campaigning to be crowned one of the world's greenest cities.

28 July

British Gas plans green skills centre

Gas and electricity provider British Gas is opening a new skills centre in Wales which will train people in how to install energy-saving technologies such as solar panels.

27 July

Businesses to see hike in gas and electricity bills

The government's low-carbon transition plan, which was launched earlier this month, could have a significant impact on businesses' gas and electricity bills, it has been claimed.

26 July

Lower electricity bills 'with energy-efficient appliances'

Consumers may be able to lower their electricity bills by opting for energy-efficient home entertainment products, it has been claimed.

23 July

Low income groups urged to think about winter gas and electricity bills

With the summer months just beginning, the last thing on many people's minds will be their winter gas and electricity bills, however a new campaign has been launched urging people to ensure they are prepared for the colder months.

22 July

Energy-saving measures 'can cut £100 off gas and electricity bills'

Energy-savvy homeowners could save up to £100 on their gas and electricity bills by using power more effectively, it has been claimed.

21 July

Southerners 'should shop around for cheaper gas and electricity'

While Brits across the nation are doing their best to save cash in the current economic climate, it seems that some people are neglecting simple ways of cutting down their outgoings.

20 July

Wallace and Gromit promoting energy efficiency

A new advert from npower aims to promote energy efficiency using well-loved film and TV stars Wallace and Gromit.

19 July

British Gas trialing new money-saving technologies

British Gas has announced it has signed an agreement with AlertMe.com to trial new technologies to help households cut their gas and electricity consumption.

16 July

Government to push for cheaper electricity and gas

The UK government is set to shake up energy industry regulation in the hope it will stimulate competition and mean cheaper electricity and gas for consumers.

15 July

Energy efficiency tops home improvement list

Homeowners value improvements to their property's energy efficiency - which could result in cheaper gas and electricity bills - over any other kind of home improvement, it has been claimed.

14 July

Switching energy provider could mean cheaper electricity and gas

Prices comparison sites are a common tool when searching for the cheapest mortgage rate, but the same tools can be used for energy customers, it has been claimed.

12 July

Small changes could mean cheaper electricity for consumers

People considering switching their energy supplier have been offered money saving advice by energy and climate change secretary Ed Miliband.

09 July

Fixing you energy tariff could mean cheaper electricity

People switching energy provider and fixing their tariff now could benefit from cheaper electricity and gas bills, it has been claimed.

08 July

Best locations for cheap electricity identified

People looking to save money on their electricity bills using microgreneration - such as solar panels and wind turbines - could actually lose money if they're not in the right location, it has been claimed.

07 July

'Reduce gas and electricity bill this summer'

Tesco Compare claims consumers need to understand their energy bills to save money.

06 July

'Switch now for cheap electricity and gas'

Consumers should be comparing gas and electricity prices now in order to find the best deals and save themselves money, it has been claimed.

05 July

Switching energy suppliers could mean cheaper electricity and gas

People switching their energy supplier could end up saving money on their electricity and gas bills.

02 July

New energy efficiency competition backed by government

A new energy efficiency competition backed by the government will aim to find the UK's most environmentally-friendly public building.

01 July

UK gas prices have fallen

Gas prices in the UK have fallen following a 20 per cent drop in demand, it has been claimed.