2009 June news archive

30 June

Cheaper energy bills with government help

The government's Department of Energy & Climate Change is set to spend £3.5 billion on making British homes more energy efficient – which could result in cheaper electricity bills for consumers.

29 June

Electricity and gas suppliers must improve customer service

The six largest energy suppliers in the UK have been warned by Ofgem that they must improve their customer service levels.

28 June

Energy prices 'too low to combat climate change'

Energy prices for businesses and consumers are too low to pay for green energy infrastructure, it has been claimed.

25 June

Timing is everything when it comes to switching

Timing is everything when it comes to switching energy tariffs for cheaper electricity and gas, it has been claimed.

24 June

Electricity and gas price rises on the cards

Electricity and gas customers from the UK could end up footing the bill for the next generation of energy infrastructure through prices rises, it has been claimed.

23 June

Offshore windfarms could provide cheap electricity to 19m

Offshore windfarms could be used to power 19 million homes in the UK, it has been claimed.

22 June

Cheaper electricity boosts family finances

Cheaper electricity, lower transport costs and the current Bank of England base rate have helped boost UK households' finances.

21 June

Energy saving tips list published

An energy saving tips list has been published to help people reduce their monthly electricity and gas bills.

18 June

Cheap energy strategies lambasted

Policies to ensure cheap electricity prices in the UK have been lambasted by one renewable energy expert.

17 June

EDF looking to speed-up new energy technology research

EDF Energy has signed a deal with the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council to examine energy use in the UK.

16 June

Cheap electricity comes ahead of renewable energy

Demand for cheap electricity and calls to tackle fuel poverty could be hindering the uptake of renewable energy generation, it has been claimed.

15 June

Feed-in tariffs signal cheaper electricity bills

The UK government could make solar power an economically viable option for people opting form microgeneration – something which could reduce people's electricity bills.

14 June

Smarter products could lead to cheaper electricity bills

Better designed and more environmentally friendly energy consuming products could save people £900 million a year, according to the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs.

11 June

Supergrid could cut the cost of electricity for Brits

The creation of a European supergrid akin to the UK's existing National Grid could substantially reduce electricity prices for British consumers, it has been claimed.

10 June

Waste heat used to 'slash electricity bills'

Waste heat energy created when electricity is generated could be used to heat homes and businesses, it has been claimed.

09 June

Government 'must not mislead consumers over cheap energy prices'

The government must not mislead consumers over the future price of electricity and gas, it has been claimed.

08 June

Scottish council to become first to sell cheap electricity

A local authority in Scotland is vying to become the first in the UK to erect and operate its own windfarm.

07 June

Cheaper electricity as businesses and consumers cut back

Consumers and businesses are reducing the cost of their electricity bills during the recession by cutting back on consumption, it has been claimed.

04 June

Cheap electricity requires the introduction of smart meters

Smart metering must be a vital part of the UK's energy infrastructure if bills are to be kept under control and the environmental damage caused by consumption is to be avoided, it has been claimed.

03 June

New wind turbines could benefit people switching their energy supplier

People looking for cheaper electricity could be interested to hear that new wind turbine technology, which could improve deployment rates, is one step closer to reality.

02 June

Pay freeze at npower 'to maintain cheap electricity prices'

One of the biggest energy companies in the UK is freezing its workers' pay in an attempt to keep its operating costs down and maintain its competitive energy prices for consumers.

01 June

Cheap electricity from 3MW Eden Project plant

Proposals to build a 3MW geothermal power plant at the site of the Eden Project could see the National Grid supplied with cheap, renewable electricity.