2009 May news archive

31 May

Cheaper renewable electricity will require state intervention

Increasing the amount of low-cost renewable energy available to British households will require state intervention, it has been claimed.

28 May

Wokingham residents to save money on electricity

Wokingham residents could end up saving money on their council tax as the town switches off unnecessary lighting.

27 May

Energy price rises tackled with efficiency legislation

The cost of energy could start to fall as the G8 signs an agreement to implement energy efficiency measures on the continent.

26 May

Construction firms claim energy efficiency will push up costs

Construction firms have claimed that legislation forcing them to improve energy efficiency and reduce customers' electricity and gas bills could result in house prices going up by ten per cent.

25 May

Energy efficiency in the industry is key to 'lower electricity prices'

The G8 countries should be pushing for a regulatory framework for renewable energy to ensure firms move ahead with carbon trading.

21 May

Major project to boost British coal power

A major project is under way to clean up British coal power stations and bring them up to the standard expected by the National Grid, it has been reported.

21 May

Smart meters could push up electricity prices

Smart meters could leave millions of Brits facing higher energy bills, it has been claimed.

20 May

Scottish first minister switches on windfarm

Scotland's first minister Alex Salmond has switched on Europe's largest onshore windfarm.

20 May

Cheap electricity discussed at feed-in tariff conference

The topic of cheap electricity from renewable sources is under discussion at the UK's first conference on proposed feed-in tariffs.

20 May

SSE to cap electricity and gas prices

Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) has ruled out raising electricity and gas prices over the next 18 months.

19 May

Cheap energy technology deal between EDF and EPSRC

EDF has signed a deal with the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to develop a European energy efficiency research centre.

19 May

Cheap electricity bills in new eco-house

Cut price electricity and gas bills could be a thing of the future as the Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) unveils plans for a new environmentally-friendly home.

19 May

Industry 'to unlock smart meter potential'

Smart meters will pave the way for the energy infrastructure of the future and could help deliver savings to customers as well as combating climate change, it has been claimed.

18 May

Inefficient government buildings push up energy costs

Around a third of government buildings may be unnecessarily wasting energy and pushing up the cost of electricity paid for by the taxpayer, it has been claimed.

18 May

Electricity and gas prices in Europe vary wildly

New research shows that the cost of domestic electricity and gas in Europe fluctuates wildly from state to state.

17 May

London Eye to cut electricity costs by 20%

The London Eye is set to receive an upgrade which could see its energy consumption cut by as much as 20 per cent, it has been claimed.

17 May

Conservatives back geothermal energy

The conservative party has backed geothermal energy as a potential candidate to supply a significant proportion of the UK's future energy needs.

14 May

Providing cheap electricity and gas will require £3bn

The government will need to spend £3 billion a year if it is to tackle high energy prices and reduce the cost of bills for consumers, it has been claimed.

14 May

E.ON confirms plans for world's largest offshore windfarm project

Gas and electricity provider E.ON has confirmed it will begin development of the world biggest offshore windfarm in the outer Thames Estuary.

14 May

Energy saving smart meters are just the first step

Energy saving smart meter technology is just the first step in updating Britain's energy infrastructure, it has been claimed.

14 May

Gov't 'should not lose momentum over smart meters'

The government cannot lose momentum when it comes to the introduction of smart meters and helping people save money on their gas and electricity bills, it has been claimed.

10 May

All Energy 2009 to offer cheap electricity advice

The All Energy 2009 conference will take place in Aberdeen this May.

10 May

EDF and Centrica to build new nuclear plants

EDF and Centrica are set to build new nuclear power stations alongside existing reactors at Sizewell in Suffolk and Hinkley Point in Somerset.

10 May

Government unveils smart meter plans

The government has unveiled plans to install a smart meter in every home in Britain by the end of 2020.

07 May

SSE and UK coal sign cheap energy deal with Ferrybridge

UK Coal and Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) have signed a deal which will see the former supply SSE's Ferrybridge power station with fuel.

07 May

Low carbon economy needs investment

Private investment is essential if the UK is to transfer to a low carbon economy, it has been claimed.

07 May

British Gas price cuts 'set the tone'

The electricity price cut from British Gas sets the tone for tariff reductions across the energy sector, it has been claimed.

07 May

Anaconda wave energy testing almost complete

The Checkmate Group has almost finished testing its Anaconda wave energy converter at Qinetiq's facility in Gosport.

06 May

Ceres Power develops cheap electricity generator

British technology research firm Ceres Power claims to have produced a new fuel cell which could change the way the world generates electricity.

06 May

Cheaper electricity from British Gas

British Gas has cut its electricity prices by ten per cent, making it the last major energy supplier to reduce the cost of its energy.

06 May

New energy from waste plant planned for Edinburgh

Plans for a large incinerator which will covert waste into energy for thousands of homes in Edinburgh have been mooted by councilors.

05 May

LGA calls for tougher energy-saving targets

The Local Government Association (LGA) is calling on the government to toughen targets for cutting carbon emissions in the home, claiming that many energy firms are dodging their responsibilities.

05 May

New device could slash business energy bills

A new device which could slash thousands of pounds off businesses' gas and electricity bills is to be launched tomorrow.

05 May

Savoy Hotel uses food for cheap electricity

The Savoy Hotel is set to recycle its food waste in an attempt to reduce the amount it spends on electricity bills.

04 May

SmartSynch working on electricity meter device

SmartSynch is developing a new communications device which will make it possible for smart meters to be connected to the internet allowing electricity consumption information to be shared more easily, it has been reported.

04 May

Cheaper electricity with reduced consumption

The government has announced it will install 45 million smart meters in homes and businesses across the UK over the next decade.