2009 November news archive

01 December

Inefficient appliances could be leading to higher energy bills

Household appliances might not be performing at the standards manufacturers claim they are, leading to higher fuel bills, according to new research.

27 November

Schools told to use less energy

Schools have been told to reduce their energy bills in an effort to save public money by the children's secretary Ed Balls.

26 November

Calls for investigation into big six energy firms

Consumer Focus is backing claims for an investigation into the big six energy firms not passing on wholesale savings to their customers.

25 November

Could this be the end of estimated energy bills?

One of the big six energy firms has announced that it will be putting an end to estimated gas and electricity bills.

24 November

Lower energy bills increase UK spending power

Cheaper gas and electricity bills are contributing to an increase in household spending power, according to a report from Asda.

23 November

Energy firms commit to supplying homes with smart meters

Energy suppliers have pledged to offer every household in the UK a smart meter, which could lead to cheaper gas and electricity bills.

20 November

Energy efficient home improvements 'need to be monitored'

Proposals have been put forward by the government to allow homeowners to build wind turbines on their properties without planning permission.

19 November

Businesses can save money by saving energy

Businesses could save over a billion pounds each year by making simple environmental changes, according to the government agency Defra.

18 November

Queen mentions bill to cut energy costs in speech

The Queen has outlined an energy bill which could produce cheaper gas and electricity prices in her annual speech to parliament.

17 November

Reducing energy bills 'should be a national priority'

Helping people to reduce their gas and electricity bills should be a national priority, according to National Energy Action (NEA).

16 November

Energy firms should 'give profits back to consumers'

The charity Family Action has called on energy companies to pass their profits back to some of the poorest customers.

13 November

Millions are 'missing out on energy bill savings'

Millions of people are missing out on saving money on their gas and electricity bills, according to the home heat helpline.

12 November

Energy firm accounts 'should be more transparent'

Energy firms should be offering greater price cuts and more transparency with their accounts, according to one consumer group.

11 November

Third of parents use savings for energy bills

New research suggests that over a third of parents have to use their savings to pay for everyday bills.

10 November

London homes to receive 'carbon makeovers'

Thousands of residents in London will be receiving advice on how to make their homes more energy efficient.

09 November

Energy firms roll out winter deals

Gas and electricity providers are preparing for the winter months by rolling out new money saving deals.

06 November

WWF: Energy efficiency can save money

A new report has praised energy efficiency policies in the UK and the benefits they give to consumers.

05 November

Ofgem to invest in green energy grid

Ofgem has proposed a £1 billion investment plan for a green energy grid in an attempt to combat climate change.

04 November

Two-thirds trying to save on gas and electricity

Two-thirds of Brits are trying to save money on energy bills because of the recession, according to the latest figures.

03 November

Which?: Now is the time to switch energy supplier

Consumer group Which? has said that with winter drawing in now is the time to look at switching energy supplier.

02 November

Seven out of ten Brits think pre-pay charges should be scrapped

Seven out of ten Brits think that energy firms should stop charging customers more for using pre-pay meters, according to a survey by the National Housing Federation (NHF).