2009 October news archive

30 October

Smart meters 'to help reduce energy costs'

Smart meters are set to revolutionise the way customers think about and pay for their energy, it has been claimed.

29 October

Web service 'shows household energy use'

Web giant Google has teamed up with a UK energy firm to launch a new service which allows households and businesses to monitor their power usage.

28 October

London's rubbish 'could be converted into energy'

The capital's refuse supply could be used to provide power for up to two million homes, it has been reported.

27 October

MPs call for inquiry into energy prices

A formal competition inquiry is needed to challenge energy firms on their gas and electricity prices, it has been claimed.

26 October

Online customers 'save money on bills'

Consumers can save money on their gas and electricity bills by simply using the internet, it has been claimed.

22 October

Calls for transparency over electricity prices

Greater levels of transparency and clarity are needed over gas and electricity prices, it has been claimed.

21 October

Switching off 'reduces electricity bills'

Consumers can reduce their gas and electricity bills by improving their energy efficiency, it has been claimed.

20 October

Switching energy provider 'can limit fuel debt'

Consumers struggling with fuel debt may be able to reduce their costs by switching provider, it has been claimed.

19 October

Energy price rise 'threatens firms' survival'

Reducing gas and electric bills may become a matter of life or death for some companies in the coming months, it has been suggested.

15 October

Potential council blackout 'to reduce electricity bills'

Street lights could be switched off after midnight in the Borough of Poole, Dorset, as part of plans to reduce the public sector electricity bill, it has been reported.

14 October

Stable energy prices contribute to inflation fall

Housing and household services have contributed to a fall in Consumer Price Index (CPI) annual inflation, it has been reported.

12 October

Carbon reduction scheme to help firms cut gas and electric bills

A new scheme designed to help organisations save on gas and electricity bills through greater energy efficiency has been unveiled.

11 October

Consumers 'can save 10% by switching gas and electric supplier'

Consumers should look to switch gas and electricity supplier as they bid to generate savings during the recession, it has been claimed.

08 October

Ofgem report highlights price comparison benefits

A new Ofgem report predicting energy price rises has drawn attention to the potential consumer benefits of using comparison services.

07 October

Green home refurbs 'more popular'

The desire to minimise gas and electricity bills is encouraging people to make improvements to their homes, it has been claimed.

06 October

ERA in favour of smart meter displays

Smart meters within homes would benefit greatly from clear visual displays, it has been claimed.

05 October

Energy efficiency 'can reduce council electricity bills'

UK councils can reduce their gas and electricity bills by ensuring their buildings are as energy efficient as possible, it has been claimed.

04 October

Electricity prices 'could benefit from NI renewables plant'

Moves towards green electricity production in Northern Ireland could help save consumers money, it has been reported.

01 October

Restaurants to encourage romantic energy saving

Restaurants in Worcestershire are being encouraged to boost their energy saving efforts by increasing the amount of romance in their establishments, it has been claimed.