2009 September news archive

30 September

Energy Saving Trust to find green champion

People intent of saving themselves money on their electricity and gas bills may be interested to hear that the Energy Saving Trust has launched a national campaign to find an energy-saving tsar.

29 September

HeatSeekers hit the streets of Herefordshire

Consumers in Herefordshire looking to save money on their gas and electricity bills will soon be able to pinpoint exactly where they are losing money, it has been reported.

28 September

Centrica is a 'top environmental performer'

Energy supplier Centrica has been named as the UK's top performing utility company, according to new research.

27 September

Scottish Power launches new tariff

Scottish Power has launched a new Online Energy Saver 7 tariff, in a bid to reduce customers' gas and electricity bills.

24 September

Schools spending too much on energy, study shows

Schools across the UK could be spending too much on their gas and electricity bills, according to new research.

23 September

'More transparency needed in energy market'

More transparency and competitiveness is needed in the British energy market, it has been claimed.

22 September

Work begins on new green energy windfarm

Work has began on a large windfarm in Scotland which is could deliver green energy to over 67,000 homes in the local area.

22 September

Price war could benefit business energy users

Now could be an excellent time for Irish businesses to reap the benefits of changing energy supplier using price comparison websites.

21 September

Solar panels could cut electricity bills by 40%

Households looking to reduce their energy bills could save themselves 40 per cent by installing solar panels, it has been claimed.

20 September

Kirklees Council Warm Zone gets widespread support

More than 100,000 consumers looking to save money on their gas and electricity bills have signed up to the Kirklees Council Warm Zone scheme, it has been reported.

17 September

Scots concerned about energy bills

Scottish consumers are concerned about the cost of heating their homes in the wake of increased electricity and gas prices.

16 September

Gas and electricity prices could fall by 15%

Consumers looking to switch their energy supplier online could benefit from significant prices decreases in the short term, it has been claimed.

15 September

New energy supplier could 'push down energy prices'

A new energy company has entered the UK market claiming that it can help consumers looking to switch their energy supplier to save money.

14 September

Energy efficient homes not 'high on the agenda'

Would-be homeowners are not generally put off purchasing a home if they are inefficient, it has been claimed.

13 September

Electricity bills could fall by 20%

Consumers could soon be saving 20 per cent on electricity and gas bills if new legislation is passed which would see the creation of energy co-operatives.

10 September

Householders offered cash for old appliances

British consumers are being offered a cash incentive by Comet to trade in their old appliances, such as washers and driers, and purchase new energy efficient devices.

09 September

Consumers can cut cost of electricity with efficient appliances

Consumers can reduce the amount of money they spend on electricity by opting for more energy-efficient appliances, it has been claimed.

08 September

Energy saving technology could get cheaper

As well as reducing the cost of electricity and gas bills for heating and lighting, energy saving technology itself could get cheaper it new proposals put forward by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) are implemented.

07 September

Cheaper electricity for Worcestershire residents

Worcestershire residents are to be given a helping hand by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) to reduce the cost of their electricity and gas bills.

06 September

London councils to tackle climate change and high energy bills

Ten London councils have been named low carbon zones and will be at the forefront in the fight against climate change and high energy bills.

03 September

Switching supplier online could save you 20%

Switching energy suppliers using an online price comparison service could save you 20 per cent on your household bills, it has been claimed.

02 September

Big six energy firms undercut by start-up

There has never been a better time to use online price comparison sites to find the best electricity and gas deal and switch supplier.

01 September

Green homes could soon cost more

Builders fear that new energy efficient homes in the UK are getting more expensive to construct.