2010 December news archive

31 December

Business energy 'to be a priority in 2011'

Commercial properties could benefit from increased efficiency when it comes to business energy.

30 December

Switch of energy supplier 'is not only way to save cash'

People can drive down energy consumption in their homes.

29 December

Switch of energy supplier 'not only way pensioners can save'

Older people may be in line to benefit from a government energy deal.

24 December

Switch of energy supplier may be required after expert doubts government scheme

The government has some way to go before it can do right by everybody in the pursuit of reduced energy bills.

23 December

Simple steps 'lead to lower bills from dual fuel providers'

Minor improvements around the home can have a big impact on energy bills.

22 December

Big freeze may illustrate need for switch of energy supplier

A switch of energy supplier may be particularly useful at the current time.

21 December

Switching off appliances can reduce bills from dual fuel providers

People have been reminded to switch off home appliances to save power.

21 December

Switch of energy supplier may still be best way to save cash on power bills

The Green Investment Bank may soon be scaled back, according to a minister.

20 December

Pensioners and poor could benefit most from switch of energy supplier

The most vulnerable households will suffer from cuts to an energy scheme, says an MP.

17 December

Switch of energy supplier may be required during green changeover

The UK could be set to go green in terms of energy use over the coming years.

16 December

Government 'to guarantee business energy costs'

A minister believes he can protect consumers against shock price hikes in the energy sector.

16 December

Comparing electricity online could limit damage of "blank cheque" deal

People should not be made to fund all the upgrades to the energy sector.

15 December

Switch of energy supplier 'is not the only way to cut bills'

People can take steps to reduce the amount of energy they use.

15 December

Consumers 'set to miss out on lower bills from dual fuel providers'

Thousands of people may be hit by cuts to a government home fuel scheme.

14 December

Confidence Code 'can help with switch of energy supplier'

A newly improved guide could help people to make a switch of energy provider.

13 December

Switch of energy supplier may be required after power price hike

Npower has become the latest supplier to increase its energy rates.

13 December

Companies may still require ways to drive down business energy costs

The carbon reduction commitment may not be stringent enough, says an expert.

10 December

Firms 'must invest in green technology' to enjoy business energy reductions

Going green can be one way to reduce the cost of business energy.

10 December

Expert: Comparing electricity online is a tremendous innovation

The role of energy comparison sites has been praised by an industry insider.

09 December

Government discount and switch of energy supplier could create savings

A new government project could help those in fuel poverty.

09 December

Comparing electricity could help homeowners during cold snap

A new freeze is set to engulf the country, which could lead to Britons wishing they had a cheaper energy tariff.

08 December

Switch of energy supplier might be effective alternative to changing clocks

Britons could find their energy bills plummet if they make a switch of provider.

07 December

Compare electricity for chance to beat energy price hikes

Experts believe energy prices in the UK are set to rocket over the coming years.

07 December

Continued snow may illustrate need for switch of energy supplier

People in Scotland could benefit from a switch of energy provider in the current weather.

06 December

Comparing electricity prices online may help struggling firms

Businesses should look towards green energy as one way to improve the size of their power bills.

06 December

Switch of energy supplier can be supported by hotline help

Scottish residents have been offered improved access to energy advice.

03 December

Britons 'fed up with dual fuel providers'

The public is increasingly tired of price issues decided by energy firms.

02 December

Business energy 'can be aided by green actions'

Firms who go green should experience benefits, says an industry expert.

02 December

Switch of energy supplier could be ideal support for bills help

People could reduce their energy bills if they take up free help.

01 December

People 'prepared to invest to enjoy reduced dual fuel prices'

Britons are not scared of putting their hands in their pockets when it comes to going green.