2010 January news archive

01 February

Households to be paid for green energy production

Plans have been announced which could see households receive payments for the green energy they produce.

29 January

Consumers offered energy bill advice

Consumers on a Staywarm gas and electricity plan have been advised to shop around and make sure the deal is right for them.

29 January

'Better incentives needed' for households to generate green energy

Consumers believe that more needs to be done by the government to promote the use of microgeneration technology, according to new research.

28 January

Businesses 'concerned about the cost of energy'

Almost half of UK businesses are concerned about the rising cost of energy bills, according to the Carbon Trust.

27 January

Moneywise: Switch energy supplier and save money

Switching energy supplier is one way which households could reduce their gas and electricity bills, according to one expert.

26 January

Businesses offered advice on how to cut energy bills

UK businesses are being given advice on how they can cut their emissions and reduce their energy bills by the Carbon Trust.

22 January

Cold snap added £1.2 billion to UK energy bills

The UK has spent over £1 billion extra on heating during the recent spell of cold weather, according to new research.

21 January

Eco-bling 'will not help cut carbon emissions'

Households are being warned that microgeneration technology will do little to reduce carbon emissions.

20 January

Age Concern: Older people are worried about the cost of energy

Older people will be worrying about the cost of post-freeze gas and electricity bills dropping through their door, according to a charity.

19 January

Council uses thermal imaging to cut energy bills

Authorities in Lancashire have announced plans to use the latest thermal imaging equipment to help households reduce their gas and electricity bills.

18 January

Government introduces new energy regulations

New rules have come into force to protect consumers from being duped by door-to-door energy salesman.

15 January

'Action is needed' to help poorer people pay their energy bills

Urgent steps need to be taken by the government to help those struggling to pay their gas and electricity bills, according to the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR).

14 January

Rising energy bills 'contribute to decrease in disposable income'

The rising cost of household bills mean that the UK has less disposable income to spend on luxury items.

13 January

Retrofitting energy efficiency measures 'should be more desirable'

The government needs to make the process of retrofitting more desirable if more homes in the UK are going to take part in the process, according to the Green Alliance.

12 January

More rural homes to be connected to mains gas network

Some of the poorest and remote areas of the country could see a reduction in their energy bills in the near future.

11 January

Ofgem: Renewable investment will add £4.30 to energy bills

Ofgem has placed price controls on electricity distribution networks to ensure that money spent on renewable energy does not become a burden to the consumer.

08 January

The Independent: Switch supplier to get the best deals

Switching your gas and electricity provider could mean you get to take advantage of deals suppliers reserve for new customers, according to the Independent.

07 January

New money-saving smart energy technology unveiled

New smart energy technology has been unveiled which could help households reduce their gas and electricity bills.

06 January

Keep up with the cost of heating energy in the cold weather

Consumers are being warned to keep their houses well heated in the cold weather and to make sure they received their cold weather payments.

05 January

Boiler scrappage scheme launched to reduce energy bills

A new initiative to help up to 125,000 households reduce their energy bills has been launched by the government.

04 January

Think Money: Switching energy provider could help you avoid debt

Using an online comparison to switch gas and electricity suppliers has been named as one of the best ways to avoid falling behind on your energy bills by Think Money.