2010 June news archive

30 June

Ofgem 'helps consumers access cheap gas and electricity'

An Ofgem report has triggered a reduction in many fuel tariffs.

30 June

Homeowners could enjoy holiday after switch of energy supplier

Skyscanner has named Malaga as the most popular destination for Brits in June.

30 June

Cheap gas bills 'one result of efficiency tips'

People may wish to follow the energy advice of one newspaper.

30 June

Expert advice could create lower business energy bills

Jim Haywood of Business in the Community has called on firms to lower their business energy bills by switching equipment off when it is not in use.

29 June

Switch of energy suppliers could save cash for Poland trip

Poland is one of Europe's most affordable destinations.

28 June

Switch of energy supplier may be one way to reduce bills

Some people are losing out on cash to energy suppliers.

28 June

Government 'must support business energy plans'

A campaigner has urged the government to back green energy plans.

27 June

Asda 'is example of good business energy plan'

Asda has saved £11.2 million on electricity bills in the previous year.

24 June

Carbon system 'causes business energy problems'

The government has been urged to update its carbon tax system.

24 June

Business energy 'can lead homeowners to sustainable future'

Businesses should lead the way on energy issues.

23 June

Birmingham 'set for cheap gas and electricity bills'

Energy bills in Birmingham could be set to get smaller.

23 June

Switch of energy supplier could help overcome air tax rise

Air passenger duty may be set to increase, ABTA believes.

22 June

Home energy bills could be affected by council research

Homeowners in Surrey are to be told if they requir insulation.

21 June

Business energy cuts could help to offset VAT hike

VAT is rising to 20 per cent, the government has announced.

21 June

Insulation may be key to cheap gas and electricity bills

Insulating a home may drive down bills.

21 June

Switch of energy supplier may ease cash crisis

Britons have £6 less to spend each week compared with last year.

20 June

Switch energy providers to save for Jamaica holiday

Jamaica's popularity among British tourists is set to continue rising.

20 June

Britons urged to create cheap gas and electricity bills

Energy efficiency is in the hands of UK householders.

17 June

Cheap dual fuel provider could lower home energy bills

E.ON has revealed its FixOnline v8 is going to soon be removed, so people in need of extra cash may want to quickly move to the tariff.

17 June

Young homeowners may want to sort cheap gas quickly

Cheap gas bills could prove invaluable for young Britons who have moved into their first home.

16 June

Telepresence and cheap dual fuel providers could reduce bills

Cheap duel fuel providers could help companies looking to cut down their energy expenses.

15 June

New Carbon Trust guide could result in cheap gas for businesses

Cheap gas bills could prove to be one benefit for firms that follow Carbon Trust guidelines.

14 June

Cheap electricity bills mean Manchester United saves more than just goals

Cheap electricity bills are now enjoyed by Premiership team Manchester United.

13 June

Cheap gas bills for London businesses

Cheap gas bills could land on the doormats of London businesses.

10 June

Pay As You Save 'will create cheap electricity bills for households'

A government scheme has been backed by experts.

09 June

Money saved by switching energy suppliers could be used this summer

A festival in Denmark is just one event people who benefit from cheap electricity and gas rates could spend their extra cash on.

09 June

Save money with cheap gas and electricity to afford iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 is released in the UK at the end of the month.

08 June

Switch energy supplier ahead of air conditioning season

Air conditioning can add a significant amount to energy bills.

07 June

Cheap gas and electricity bills could be enjoyed with Prince Charles' guide

The Queen's son has launched a guide on the benefits of sustainable energy.

07 June

Energy efficiency 'leads to cheap gas and electricity bills'

Homeowners have been offered advice on how to save money on their energy bills.

06 June

Rise of retrofitting may result in cheap gas and electricity

Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important to Britons.

03 June

Business energy 'still a priority for firms'

More than half of firms maintained their spending on energy efficiency last year.

02 June

Cheap electricity and gas bills achieved through energy saving

An expert has advised people to insulate their homes in order to drive down energy bills.

01 June

Expert: Business electricity suppliers should tell firms more

There is currently a lack of available information when buying energy, says an expert.