2010 November news archive

01 December

People 'prepared to invest to enjoy reduced dual fuel prices'

Britons are not scared of putting their hands in their pockets when it comes to going green.

30 November

Snow may emphasise need for switch of energy supplier

The cold weather in Britain may be forcing people to use more energy.

29 November

Business energy 'to become a priority for investors'

Firms may be about to rate business energy rates even higher.

26 November

Dual fuel prices to be investigated

Energy suppliers are to be examined after a recent wave of tariff increases.

25 November

Compare electricity online for best deals, says newspaper

The internet is the key to enjoying cheap home energy tariffs, advises a publication.

25 November

Homeowners offered tips on how to supplement switch of energy provider

There are ways to reduce home energy bills this winter, suggests an organisation.

24 November

Business energy costs 'will be lower after going green'

Saving energy does not have to be an expensive process, advises an expert.

23 November

Switch of energy provider may be wise move before big freeze

The weather could force people to start using more power in their homes.

22 November

Firms 'can follow Unilever example to save money on business energy bills'

One company has the right idea for saving money, says an expert.

22 November

Comparing electricity tariffs online may be only way to beat price hikes

One energy expert has spoken out against the current price hikes in the industry.

19 November

Compare gas prices as Centrica announces smart grid deal

British Gas is working with a US communications company on its smart grid roll out plans.

18 November

Could fuel poverty-stricken families be saved by switch of energy supplier?

Fuel-poor families will benefit from greater attention to their cause, it has been suggested.

18 November

Comparing dual fuel prices may help "baffled" Brits beat tariff increases

There is little justification for a hike in energy prices, says an expert.

17 November

Switch of energy provider may be safe bet in unsure times

With green investment still some months away, a switch of energy supplier may help people reduce their bills.

17 November

Firm slashes business energy bill through efficient power use

A Canadian firm went to work on its carbon footprint and found itself saving money.

16 November

Six-in-ten people could save money by switching energy provider

More than 60 per cent of people are in a position to save money, according to research.

15 November

Switch of energy provider may be most effective way to reduce power bills

People could be suffering from the government's failure to do enough to go green, says an expert.

12 November

Home energy customers may compare dual fuel after smart meter addition

Smart meters are just one way people can control the energy they are using in their homes.

11 November

Compare electricity online 'for best deals'

It is possible to save a significant amount of money by comparing energy prices online.

11 November

Switch of energy provider may work well with Green Deal

A government proposal could help people save money on their energy bills.

10 November

Comparing electricity online may be wise after EDF freeze

One expert has expressed delight at the freezing of some energy prices.

10 November

Business energy reductions 'compromised by reporting costs'

The amount saved on business energy bills is not yet as high as it could be for many firms.

09 November

Business energy 'offers great potential for firms to save'

Organisations may find they can cut their costs significantly by targeting business energy.

09 November

Scottish homeowners offered chance to supplement switch of energy supplier

Energy-saving devices will be handed out to homeowners in Scotland.

08 November

Switch of energy provider could help fund green improvements

People may find they are better off in the long run by going green.

05 November

Expert: UK firms can make savings on business energy

The government is set to show what can be done to slash business energy bills.

05 November

Government 'should help people cut gas and electricity costs'

Government assistance may persuade more people to go green.

04 November

Comparing electricity prices may be crucial as hikes hit

One energy supplier has already added 9.3 per cent to its tariffs ahead of the winter.

03 November

Reduction of business energy bills may be required to satisfy consumers

It may be a shrewd move by UK firms to reduce the amount of power they use.

02 November

Customers 'satisfied with cheap gas and electricity bills'

People in the UK are largely happy with the energy and gas deals on offer from providers.

01 November

Switch of energy provider may be best way to reduce business energy bills

Businesses may find it is better to make a switch of energy supplier than wait for the green revolution.