2010 October news archive

01 November

Switch of energy provider may be best way to reduce business energy bills

Businesses may find it is better to make a switch of energy supplier than wait for the green revolution.

28 October

Businesses energy 'can be brought down by green approach'

Taking a green approach may work for companies looking to reduce their business energy costs.

27 October

Could switch of energy supplier help to set an example?

Parents may want to think about how they can reduce their energy bills and set an example to youngsters.

26 October

Take a look around home to find cheap gas bills

There are savings on energy bills available just by taking a few simple steps around the home, says an organisation.

25 October

Reduction of business energy bills could satisfy consumers

Firms may find their reputation improves with the adoption of green policies.

24 October

Compare electricity prices online for cheapest deals

Comparison sites have a key role in helping people lower the cost of their energy bills.

24 October

Britons urged to create cheap gas and electricity bills

This week offers people a good chance to take the first step towards paying less for their home energy.

21 October

Insulation 'is key to cheap gas and electricity bills'

People have been advised to ensure their loft and roof is properly insulated in a bid to use less energy.

21 October

Improved efficiency and switch of energy provider will help during winter

Homeowners have been advised to make sure their energy efficiency is good.

20 October

Expert: Compare electricity and gas prices online

Homeowners have been told they should use the internet in their quest to save money on energy.

20 October

Increasing public knowledge could lead to cheap gas and electricity bills

An expert has set out a plan for improving the energy efficiency and, as a result, lowering the fuel bills of homes in the UK.

19 October

Pre-winter switch of energy provider is "always a good idea"

Consumers have been advised to think about switching to a different energy supplier.

18 October

Carbon Reduction Label scheme may help to lower business energy costs

One benefit of a carbon-reduction scheme may be a downward trend in business energy costs.

17 October

Comparing electricity may be one way to fight energy price hikes

The price of energy is set to go up once more for UK homeowners.

17 October

Plug leaks and maintain boiler to enjoy cheap gas bills this winter

Homeowners can take steps to shore up their property's energy efficiency ahead of winter.

14 October

Four million homes could benefit from switch of energy supplier

It is a "national disgrace" that so many have problems with their fuel bills, says an environmental campaigner.

13 October

Low-cost upgrades 'can create cheap gas bills'

Simply adding insulation and extra flooring can have an effect on home energy bills.

13 October

Firms 'require help with business energy consumption'

A reduction in business energy should be a government priority, says an expert.

12 October

Reducing energy use may be as effective as switch of energy provider

It is imperative that the UK begins to reduce the amount of energy it uses, says an expert.

12 October

Switch of energy supplier could help perilous savings situation

Comparing electricity may be one way to save some extra money each month.

11 October

Homes with cheap gas bills 'are worth more'

People could strive to buy houses with cheap gas bills in the coming years.

10 October

Renewable heat incentive scheme should create cheap gas bills

The consumption of energy in the UK should fall if a scheme is widely adopted.

07 October

Insulation and new boiler 'can result in cheap electricity bills'

Adding insulation to a home is perhaps the most-effective way of driving down home energy bills.

07 October

X Factor fans could stay at 'Louis Walsh's house' after switch of energy provider

There are many benefits to a switch of energy provider.

06 October

Scotland targets reduction in business energy bills

Business energy bills could be slashed across Scotland if a new scheme is successful.

05 October

Switch of energy supplier may be only way to deal with rising costs

The price of energy was 4.8 per cent higher in August 2010 than it was a year earlier.

05 October

Overcome improvement costs with cheap dual fuel supplier deal

Britons should not be made to fund improvements to the UK energy network, says Consumer Focus.

04 October

Switch of energy supplier may help to end 'exploitation'

Finding a cheaper energy company may be one way to improve a financial situation.

03 October

Britons living close to the edge may benefit most from comparing electricity

Many people are in need of cash savings, such as those that could be found by comparing electricity prices.