2010 September news archive

30 September

Use money saved from switch of energy provider to enjoy Germany

A trip to Germany is one way to spend the cash saved after switching energy suppliers.

30 September

Will reduction in business energy costs help firms to be forward thinking?

Saving money on energy may help businesses spend cash in more productive areas.

29 September

Firms 'back project to drive down business energy costs'

One result of a proposed government scheme could be a reduction in business energy expenses.

28 September

Switch of energy supplier could help to drive down home costs

People moving into a new home should be aware of the expenses they may be faced with.

27 September

Comparing electricity may be best move for householders

Door-to-door selling is an outdated way of switching energy suppliers, says an expert.

26 September

Insulation "important" to creation of cheap electricity and gas bills

An expert has advised people to invest in insulation if they want to benefit from cheaper home energy invoices.

23 September

Could promise of future cheap electricity trigger green investment?

Finding the money to go green could allow people to enjoy cheap electricity bills.

22 September

Use switch of energy supplier to free up budget for internet

Older people may like to make the effort to find the cash for internet access.

21 September

Adding insulation 'can lead to cheap gas and electricity bills'

Insulation is a good way of saving money on home energy bills, says an expert.

21 September

Switch energy supplier and save for Christmas in Sri Lanka

There are plenty of incentives to save money on home energy bills and use it to travel to Sri Lanka.

20 September

Is cheap business energy more important than ever?

Companies could make savings on their business energy bills.

19 September

Switch of energy supplier could be start of improved financial control

More people are now thinking about where their money goes, according to research.

16 September

Business energy costs 'can decrease with improved efficiency'

There are business energy bill advantages to investing in efficiency, says an expert.

16 September

Cheap gas and electricity may help property sellers

Installing technology to allow cheap gas bills may make a home stand out during the poor economic situation.

15 September

Low-income families may target cheap dual fuel suppliers

Reducing expenditure on energy may be a priority for cash-strapped homes.

14 September

Switch of energy supplier may be only way to lower costs

One provider is to keep selling energy at the same price for the foreseeable future, but the market is "uncertain".

14 September

Business energy reductions targeted in Ireland

Irish firms could be set to enjoy cash savings thanks to an energy project launched by the government.

13 September

Cheap gas and electricity could be result of university project

Five universities are coming together to help drive down the amount of energy used by teenagers.

13 September

Cheap dual fuel supplier deal may free cash for Nokia phone

Nokia has announced the release of three exciting new smartphones.

12 September

Can switch of energy supplier help with student budget?

Students face many costs during their time in education, but one could be lessened with a switch of energy supplier.

09 September

Finding cheap dual fuel supplier could help people save

A reduction in energy bills may create extra funds to save.

09 September

Switch energy supplier for financial health in new home

Cheap energy could be one way to offset the cost of moving home.

08 September

School may be set to lead way on business energy

An education institution in Wales has taken steps to reduce its business energy costs.

07 September

Switch energy supplier and use savings for stylish jewellery

Savings made on home energy bills could be used to make stylish purchases.

07 September

Scotland 'best placed to lower business energy costs'

It may be possible to reduce energy consumption when working in Scotland.

07 September

Avoid debt-related worries by finding cheap dual fuel supplier

Reducing fuel bills could be one way to reduce stress.

06 September

Do homework before switch of energy supplier

Consumers have been advised to use a price comparison site when changing energy supplier.

05 September

Business energy bills may be key to surviving downturn

The UK is set for another few years of financial worries before it is able to deal with its deficit.

05 September

Cheap electricity supplier could help 'borrowing-obsessed' Brits

A desire to pay off debt is leading to a significant shortage in savings in the UK.

02 September

Empire State Building offers business energy inspiration

Energy bills could soon be lower at one of New York's most famous landmarks.

01 September

Could cuts in business energy consumption keep staff in jobs?

Job cuts could be set to take effect around the UK.