2011 February news archive

01 March

Go green for reduced business energy bills

It may be important to think of the environment in order to decrease energy consumption.

28 February

Switch of energy supplier 'is not only way to cut bills'

There are ways to cut energy use, says a newspaper.

25 February

Make a switch of energy supplier for fairer bills

Britons could find they can pay less for their energy elsewhere.

24 February

British Gas profit could trigger switches of energy supplier

People may be fed up by energy price rises.

24 February

Increased efficiency 'can lead to business energy savings'

Cutting energy use is the key to profitability.

23 February

Poor families may still require switches of energy supplier

Energy discounts must be enjoyed by all, says a consumer group.

23 February

Switch of energy supplier 'must be complemented by green incentives'

Switch of energy supplier 'must be complemented by green incentives'

22 February

Efficient lighting 'can be behind reduction in business energy bills'

Business energy can be slashed with efficient lighting.

21 February

Cutting fuel consumption 'can benefit business energy customers'

Energy users can save money by cutting consumption.

21 February

Dual fuel providers 'under fire over huge profits'

British Gas is set to announce a 30 per cent rise in profits.

18 February

Make switch of energy supplier for clearer billing

Many people may not be on the best energy tariff.

17 February

Consumers urged to compare electricity bills after using spray foam

Spray foam may be the answer for homeowners looking to cut fuel consumption.

16 February

Failure to switch energy supplier 'costing over-55s £30 a month'

Older people could be losing out as fuel prices soar.

16 February

Government 'must act to save business energy plans'

The government needs to assure people its Green Deal can work.

15 February

IT recycling could help firms reduce business energy costs

Companies could benefit on more than one front from IT recycling.

14 February

Expert: How to make big savings on payments to dual fuel providers

Going green can reduce payments to dual fuel providers.

14 February

Business energy bills 'can be slashed with green IT technology'

Business energy costs can fall when firms go green.

11 February

Switch of energy supplier could improve health during winter

Vulnerable people need to reduce their energy bills or risk not being able to afford heating in winter.

10 February

Dual fuel providers 'must protect smart meter users'

Consumers still require help when using a smart meter.

10 February

Switch of energy supplier 'not the only way to save money'

People can reduce power costs in many ways.

09 February

'Green up' your properties, people told

People have been advised on several ways to make their homes more energy efficient.

09 February

Growing your own 'is better for the environment'

People could improve their energy efficiency by growing their own food, it has been claimed.

08 February

Energy efficiency 'can be achieved through behavioural changes'

Small adjustments to behaviour can help make a home more energy efficient, it has been claimed.

07 February

'Switch energy supplier' to balance family budgets

People may find switching their energy supplier enables them to balance their household budgets.

07 February

Business energy customers 'demand green offices'

Tenants are taking environmentally-friendly factors on board when deciding what offices to go for, it has been found.

04 February

Business energy reductions praised

A sustainability think tank has praised Birmingham City Council for its carbon emission reduction scheme.

03 February

Business energy customers see greenhouse gas emissions decline

Research has revealed that greenhouse gas emissions were down in 2009.

02 February

Power consumption 'must be tackled if business energy customers are to go green'

Offices will need to reduce their energy consumption in the years to come.

02 February

Expert: Business energy users must be helped by government

The government needs to inspire business energy customers.

01 February

Green Deal advice 'will be good for dual fuel provider customers'

The Green Deal could help people to reduce their fuel bills.

01 February

Business energy customers 'will struggle to improve efficiency'

Businesses face a challenge to become more energy efficient.