2011 January news archive

01 February

Green Deal advice 'will be good for dual fuel provider customers'

The Green Deal could help people to reduce their fuel bills.

01 February

Business energy customers 'will struggle to improve efficiency'

Businesses face a challenge to become more energy efficient.

31 January

Switch of energy supplier may be saving grace for indebted Britons

People may need to lower their energy bills by making a switch of provider at the start of the year.

31 January

Government's green deal may reduce dual fuel provider bills for consumers

A government project may result in smaller energy bills for Britons.

28 January

Business energy customers 'need incentives to go green'

Green energy could be attractive to firms if incentives are offered.

27 January

Winter 'inspires people to save money on dual fuel provider bills'

Cold weather can make people think about where their energy is going.

27 January

Council targets street lights to cut business energy costs

Street lights can hold the key to huge cash savings for businesses and organisations.

26 January

Britons urged to collect refund from dual fuel provider

Dual fuel provider customers should seek a refund if possible.

25 January

Off-grid power customers may be tempted by switch of energy supplier

Experts will look into some of the less common sources of fuel and their viability.

24 January

Opting to switch energy supplier 'could bring down outgoings'

Households may want to look at moving to a different energy provider in order to reduce their outgoings this year.

21 January

Insulation 'is the key to reducing bills from dual fuel providers'

Adding insulation to a home can help to reduce energy bills.

21 January

Energy trading scheme 'will hurt poor dual fuel provider customers'

People should not put their health at risk by using so little energy.

20 January

Comparing electricity online may be a wise move

People could begin to sort their financial situation by comparing electricity.

19 January

Record profits may trigger switches of energy supplier

Price hikes may anger consumers as they coincide with record profits for energy companies.

19 January

Scots could benefit from change of dual fuel provider

Using a different fuel supplier may be wise in Scotland.

18 January

Green power solutions could complement switch of energy supplier

People could aim to reduce consumption in order to enjoy cheaper bills.

17 January

Government scheme 'can reduce homeowners' payments to dual fuel providers'

People can pay less for their energy thanks to a government scheme.

14 January

Expert: Many Britons are missing out on comparing electricity

A lack of internet access is a major problem when it comes to comparing electricity.

14 January

Dual fuel provider charges 'are hampering economic recovery'

The government has been asked to do more to control energy prices.

13 January

EDF 'offers best deal of any dual fuel provider'

A switch of energy supplier could help people to find a better power deal.

13 January

Switch of energy supplier may be necessary in current climate

Britons have been hit with a series of energy price hikes.

12 January

Dual fuel providers 'set to give something back'

Customers will benefit from a new scheme by British Gas.

12 January

Switch of energy supplier to British Gas may pay off for Britons

British Gas has pledged to help many of its most vulnerable customers.

11 January

Expert bemoans dual fuel provider's price hikes

E.ON's price hikes will hit consumers hard, says an expert.

11 January

Switch of energy supplier may help Brits pay bills

Insulation will be one of the keys to reducing fuel bills, says an expert.

10 January

Help 'available to dual fuel provider customers'

People can seek advice on how to deal with a rise in energy bills.

07 January

Homeowners 'can save on fuel bills before switch of energy supplier'

Significant savings could be made on power bills after adding insulation to a property.

07 January

Checking fuel bills 'wise move by business energy users'

Firms could spot mistakes if they check their bills.

06 January

Reducing bills from dual fuel providers 'is possible'

There are measures available to people that should reduce power consumption.

06 January

Comparing electricity prices may be recommended by energy specialists

Britons have been offered advice on how to best deal with their energy bills.

05 January

Switch of energy supplier 'offers potential to save £277'

Consumers have been advised to make a switch of energy supplier.

04 January

Insulation could drive down business energy costs

Insulation may provide the key for those looking to cut business energy consumption.