2011 March news archive

31 March

Business gas prices affected by govt and industry meeting?

A meeting has taken place between the government and members of the fuel industry to consider the effects of a tax increase on suppliers.

30 March

Business electricity consumers to benefit from smart meters?

A national rollout of smart energy meters has been support by the government.

29 March

Business energy consumers 'need to prepare for climate change'

An expert has warned companies will risk "costly disruption" if they do not assess environmental impacts to their trade.

29 March

Business energy customers could note GSK's £3.8m savings

GlaxoSmithKline has been given an award by the Carbon Trust for reducing CO2 levels and saving £3.8 million in energy costs.

29 March

UK is not as green as it used to be, according to new findings

Electrical dischargeAccording to the Guardian Online, the UK is rapidly losing the race to be the global powerhouse of the green economy. According to rankings released this week, the UK has slipped from being third in the world in terms of investment in green growth to 13th. This means we are far behind developing countries such ...

28 March

Experts welcome business energy tariff changes

Politicians and watchdog's have responded to Ofgem's new measures.

28 March

Ofgem review gas and energy pricing

Woman keeping warm in winterThe energy regulator Ofgem has announced that energy firms must give customers at least 30 days notification of price increases and any change in their contract that will leave them significantly worse off. The new rules are set to be implemented on April 28th and will build on the regulator's proposed changes published last week. ...

27 March

Bristol business energy customers note 'money-saving measures'

Authorities in Bristol have announced street lamps in the city will have their bulbs changed to save money and energy.

27 March

Business energy to benefit from Ofgem rule?

Ofgem has ruled that energy suppliers must give 30 days notice before changing prices.

25 March

Renewables in Scotland could define UK's low carbon future

House inside a lightbulbChris Huhne, energy and climate change secretary has said that the success of scheduled energy saving projects in Scotland, will define the UK's low carbon legacy. Mr Huhne spoke at the Scottish Renewables conference in Glasgow through a low carbon video link. He announced that an agreement has been made with government departments, the Civil ...

25 March

Business energy consumers 'want to see green action'

An expert has said many energy customers want to see companies take steps towards renewables.

24 March

New tax could lead to further rise in energy prices

Green Energy PlugThe budget yesterday was important in many aspects; with the price of living going up our daily household budget will take the hit as a result. Energy prices are no stranger to the strain felt at the moment. According to bloomberg.com, the new carbon floor tax mentioned in yesterday's budget, could lead to significantly higher ...

24 March

Households to compare electricity prices following Budget?

New energy-saving measures announced in yesterday's Budget could impact bills, npower has said

24 March

Business energy receives no benefit from nuclear power?

An expert has said nuclear energy is unnecessary for Britain.

23 March

Gas prices responsible for rise in UK inflation levels

Cooking surface and gas ringsThe rising prices set by gas suppliers are partly responsible for the increasing level of inflation in the United Kingdom according to a report  by an energy helpline. New data released by the Office for National Statistics clearly showed that CPI (consumer price index) inflation had risen to 0.4 per cent on the previous month's ...

23 March

Business electricity demand 'could double' by 2050

The energy and climate secretary has said Britain needs to increase supply while closing fossil fuel power stations.

22 March

Simpler terms must be offered by energy firms

Blue flames of gasEnergy regulator Ofgem has told energy companies that it must make simpler tariffs to help both business and home customers compare gas and electricity prices. According to the BBC, Ofgem has found that complicated tariffs have been confusing customers since 2008 and have increased from 180 to more than 300 in the last three years. ...

22 March

Business energy from nuclear power may be affected by survey

UK support for nuclear power has decreased since the Fukushima disaster, a survey has shown.

21 March

Business energy providers could be affected by Ofgem review

Ofgem has proposed a review of and potential changes to the UK's energy industry that aims to improve customer service.

18 March

Consumers could save 1 billion on energy

Family of feet warming at a fireplaceA new framework designed to save consumers more than 1 billion pounds over the next eight years has been unveiled by the government. Ofgem who regulate the country's energy said the guidelines should control energy efficiency investments and innovations required for gas and electricity transmission and gas distribution networks. New ways of doing business for ...

18 March

Business energy efficiency 'cuts costs'

Friends of the Earth has said businesses going green makes sense.

17 March

UK to rethink nuclear strategy

Electricty pylonAccording to a UK national newspaper, the recent catastrophe in Japan has called for the UK to rethink their energy policy. Environmental campaigners have called for a rethink of the UK's nuclear plans after a tsunami caused a serious radiation leak at nuclear power stations in Japan. Liberal Democrat Energy Secretary, Chris Hulme has commented ...

17 March

Business gas prices affected by Japan, npower confirms

Energy supplier npower has confirmed a rise in prices following the nuclear power station explosion in Japan.

16 March

Efficient light bulb wins Design of the Year

LightbulbTwo British designers were the overall winners at the 2011 Brit Design of the Year awards for their low-energy light bulb, according to guardian.co.uk. The light bulb named Plumen 001 was designed by Samuel Wilkinson and Michael-George Hemus. Energy efficient light bulbs in the past have been pretty ugly to look at, but the new ...

16 March

Business energy costs 'may rise' after Japan disaster

Shell's chief financial officer has predicted a tightening fuel market as a result of the Japan crisis.

15 March

Government states UK businesses could save £23 billion if efficiency improved

Electricty pylonAccording to new government research, businesses could save £23 billion if they were more efficient in their use of energy, materials and water. A study carried out by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs indicated that more efficient use of raw materials and reducing waste could save £8 billion, energy £4 billion and ...

15 March

Gas price comparison could benefit from new OFT study

A recently launched study by the Office of Fair Trading into rural gas prices has been praised by Consumer Focus.

14 March

Japanese disaster to increase fuel costs

Gas ringThe price of gas is expected to soar as a result of the tsunami that hit north east Japan on Friday, according to a UK national newspaper. Since the earthquake the wholesale price of gas has jumped by 3.7 per cent to 59.75p a therm. A number of Japanese nuclear power stations have been forced ...

14 March

Business energy customers encouraged to check water use

The Consumer Council for Water is encouraging people to check their water consumption in an effort to save money.

14 March

Electricity price comparison encouraged by home charging scheme?

Energy supplier npower has unveiled home charging points for electric cars.

11 March

Energy saving devices could help combat rising electricity prices

Green Energy PlugA proposed government  scheme could be set to help consumers save money on their energy bills. The new scheme, as reported by an independent reviewing company, has proposed the introduction of new devices to help householders evaluate how much you are spending on energy at any given time. The new technology will allow the user ...

11 March

US state targets reduction in business energy consumption

Business energy bills can be reduced by targeting fuel use.

10 March

A fifth of British households in debt over energy bills

Woman keeping warm in winterNew research shows that one in five households is in debt over energy bills and owes around £624 million as gas and electricity prices rise, according to a leading UK newspaper. The debt, owed to electricity and gas companies, calculates at around £126 per household. The figure is lower than last year but 10.5 per ...

10 March

Switch of energy supplier could be teamed with renewable measures

Renewable energy has a part to play in reducing homeowners' bills.

10 March

Business energy bills 'can be reduced with efficient windows'

Firms can look towards their windows to make savings.

09 March

Huhne calls for greener future

Yellow flameAccording to energysavingtrust.org.uk, Chris Huhne, energy and climate change secretary, has called for homeowners to invest in renewable heating systems to reduce carbon emissions from the UK housing stock. Households account for 25 per cent of the UK's carbon emissions. Mr Huhne spoke to the public at the CentreForum and said that action needs to ...

09 March

Switch of energy supplier could be aided by new product information

Household goods could soon have their energy efficiency revealed.

08 March

UK leads Europe on energy reduction

Blue flames of gasThe UK is now one of the top performers in terms of energy efficiency compared with the rest of Europe, according to the guardian.co.uk. In a European commission report, energy use in the UK fell by more than five per cent from 2000 to 2008, which was the only major European economy to see a ...

08 March

Switch of energy supplier may be especially important to owners of old homes

Going green may be impossible in some areas of the country.

07 March

Simple steps 'can lead to reduction in bills to dual fuel providers'

There are some easy ways to cut the amount of energy a home uses.

04 March

Light bulbs 'might hold key to reduced bills from dual fuel providers'

Energy saving light bulbs can help people to save money.

04 March

Paying less to dual fuel providers 'is possible'

Tackling energy waste can bring bills down.

03 March

Switch of energy supplier could help beat rising prices

A smart meter may be able to help people save energy.

02 March

Expert: Homeowners must compare electricity deals

Shopping around for the best energy tariff is said to be a wise move.

02 March

Reduced bills from dual fuel providers may appeal to homebuyers

It is important to show how energy efficient a home is when trying to sell it.

01 March

Go green for reduced business energy bills

It may be important to think of the environment in order to decrease energy consumption.