2013 August news archive

30 August

Britain up to fourth in Ernst & Young renewable energy rankings

A new report has placed Britain fourth in terms of renewable energy ranking, displacing Australia for the position.

28 August

Rush to build solar farms sees increased levels of protests against them

Discontent is rising across the country as energy companies race to complete a number of solar farms before a subsidy on them is cut next year.

27 August

Data: Some wind farms generate just enough energy to boil a few kettles

New figures show that, at times, some of the country's biggest wind farms have struggled to generate enough electricity to boil a few kettles.

21 August

Many households set to be worse off as suppliers special tariffs end

Tens of thousands of energy customers face a rise in the their gas and electricity bills as many of the UK's energy suppliers shelve a number of their special tariffs.

21 August

Work on first household to sign up to Green Deal initiative completed

The government has revealed new statistics on its Green Deal initiative. The figures show July saw the first UK household actually complete the process - almost six months after it launched.

19 August

New study reveals UK homeowners have cut down energy use by a quarter

New research has shown the average household in England and Wales has cut down its energy use by a quarter in the last six years.

16 August

Energy firm npower latest firm to see revenues up - posts 11% increase

The 'Big Six' energy supplier npower is the latest energy firm to reveal a surge in its UK gas revenues. Figures from its parent company RWE showed an 11% rise in revenue for the first half of the year.

15 August

'Big Six' UK energy provider E.On posts first half profits of 15%

'Big Six' UK energy provider E.On has posted profits of 15% for the first half of the year.

14 August

Centrica chief Sam Laidlaw blasts government's ECO scheme

The boss of British Gas's parent company Centrica has criticised one of the government's flagship energy efficiency schemes.

13 August

npower chief calls British Gas 'Free Saturday' move a gimmick

The head of 'Big Six' energy firm RWE npower has blasted rival British Gas's move to offer customers free energy on a Saturday - calling it little more than a 'gimmick'.

12 August

Labour study: 'Big Six' energy firms raked in £3.74bn profit in 2012

New research has revealed the UK's 'Big Six' energy suppliers saw profits sky-rocket by more than 70% in the three years up to 2012.

09 August

British Gas remove cancellation charges for customers switching tariff

British Gas customers will no longer face early cancellation fees - as long as they are only switching to another one of the firm's own tariffs.

08 August

RWE npower set to shelf auto-rollover contracts for business customers

The 'Big Six' energy supplier npower has announced its plans to stop default auto-rollover contracts to business customers. The move is part of the firm's shift to offer its business customers more flexibility with their energy bills.

02 August

British Gas to offer smart meter users free electricity on Saturdays

British Gas has unveiled plans to offer some of its customers free electricity on Saturdays. The move to cut down energy use at peak times in the week will only be available to its one million smart meter users however.

01 August

British Gas posts £356m profits - then warns bills may go up in winter

The parent corporation of 'Big Six' energy supplier British Gas has announced profits of £356m for the first half of the year.