2013 July news archive

29 July

Energy climate committee criticises UK energy suppliers and Ofgem

A leading group of MPs has slammed the UK's energy industry and its regulator.

26 July

nPower becomes latest big six energy supplier to drop green tariffs for new customers

Npower has become the latest to announce it will be dropping its green tariff - though, existing customers will still be able to take advantage of the offering.

24 July

British Gas to launch smart meter advertising campaign this week

British Gas has continued its trend of promoting the advantages of modern technology to its customers this week by confirming it will launch a smart meter advertising campaign.

23 July

British Gas launches new mobile app for tech savvy customers

British Gas has launched a Mobile Energy app aimed at winning over more tech savvy customers.

22 July

Government to offer communities cash incentives to host nuclear plants

The government is hoping to entice a number of UK communities to embrace nuclear power by offering millions of pounds for them to host new nuclear power plants.

18 July

New study shows energy suppliers average time to answer customer calls

A new survey from Which? has identified the best and worst energy suppliers for answering customers calls quickly.

17 July

Ed Davey blasts npower report and its energy bill predictions

Ed Davey has hit back at the npower report which claimed the government's new green policies would result in the average energy consumer facing a £240 increase in their energy bill by the end of the decade.

16 July

'Big Six' firm npower says government green policies will raise bills

A major 'Big Six' energy firm has been the first of the group of major suppliers to say new green policies will result in higher energy bills.

15 July

DECC scheme set to help large companies save £1.9bn for UK economy

The Government has announced new measures to improve the energy efficiency of large companies in a move which could save the UK economy almost £2 billion.

10 July

UK GBC urges Government to cut council tax on energy efficient homes

Campaigners are pushing the Government to introduce measures to allow owners of energy efficient homes to pay less council tax and stamp duty to boost take-up of its Green Deal scheme.

09 July

Research: Home insulation measures could cause dangerous overheating

New research has claimed energy-saving measures such as those offered under the Government's Green Deal scheme could actually cause household temperatures to soar to dangerously high levels.

08 July

E.On boss plays down claims of 'Big Six' strangehold on energy market

The boss of  energy firm E.On has hit back at suggestions his company and other 'Big Six' suppliers have a 'stranglehold' on the UK market.

04 July

Ofgem: Energy firms need to clamp down on electricity theft more

Ofgem has issued a rallying call to UK energy suppliers demanding they help it clamp down on the significant number of electricity thefts in the UK.

02 July

Government's Green Deal scheme under fire for over-focus on boilers

The Government's Green Deal scheme has come under fire once again: this time due to it allegedly being overly focussed on boilers.

01 July

Energy regulator Ofgem once again warns of risk of UK energy blackouts

Ofgem has issued a further warning of the risk of potential blackouts in the UK. The energy regulator has warned electricity power capacity could fall as low as two per cent by 2015 and has also suggested more investment in power generation is essential in order to protect energy consumers.