2013 June news archive

01 July

Energy regulator Ofgem once again warns of risk of UK energy blackouts

Ofgem has issued a further warning of the risk of potential blackouts in the UK. The energy regulator has warned electricity power capacity could fall as low as two per cent by 2015 and has also suggested more investment in power generation is essential in order to protect energy consumers.

28 June

New survey reveals discontent amongst energy consumers on the rise

A new survey has revealed customer satisfaction with their energy suppliers has plummeted by as much as a quarter.

25 June

New report suggests only two homes have taken up a Green Deal loan

The Government's Green Deal has received a further blow as new figures reveal the actual uptake of loans on the scheme  is as little as ten households. Many of the UK's energy providers are a part of the scheme which offers customers the opportunity to take out a loan on things such as replacement boilers ...

24 June

UK consumers to pay twice as much for electricity compared to Germans, report claims

Swiss-based financial services company Credit Suisse has claimed that the price of wholesale electricity in the United Kingdom could be almost double that in Germany within the next three years. Any rise in electricity prices on the wholesale market would obviously impact millions of UK homeowners. Whilst the gap between UK and German wholesale energy ...

20 June

First Utility: Energy consumers paying £1.3bn extra on energy bills

UK energy consumers fork out over £1.3bn a year unnecessarily on energy bills a supplier has suggested. First Utility claims measures to create a level playing field touted by Ofgem last week, could save homeowners as much as £50 a year. The energy regulator announced plans to allow smaller energy suppliers a chance to compete ...

19 June

DECC: energy efficiency measures can add up to 38% to property value

New research from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has revealed the value of a UK home can go up exponentially if energy-saving measures are fitted. The study of 300,000 property sales revealed house prices could soar in price by as much as 38%, if measures such as a new boiler, fitting loft ...

18 June

Key figure in nuclear industry says UK should not rely on foreign firms

A key figure in the nuclear energy business has questioned the Government's handling of the power source. Urenco chief executive, Helmut Engelbrecht, was critical of the fact much of the country's nuclear industry now seemed to be becoming reliant on foreign companies. The German head of the enriched-uranium supplier, said: "It's just unfortunate that countries ...

17 June

EDF Energy calls for simplified gas and electricity pricing system

EDF Energy - one of the UK's big six energy suppliers - has called for a new approach to be introduced when pricing gas and electricity. The French-owned supplier has revealed that it would be in favour of a single-unit pricing system, which it believes would make it easier for consumers to compare prices when ...

16 June

Holiday Home Owners Among Those Impacted Most Heavily by Changes to Ofgem's Regulations

The impending change to abolish no standing charge tariffs will potentially have the biggest impact on those with holiday homes. Find out what the changes mean for you?

14 June

Small energy suppliers react postively to Ofgem proposals

A number of independent energy suppliers have welcomed Ofgem's recent moves to improve competition within the energy market. The industry regulator outlined a variety of measures aimed at making it easier for the small independent suppliers to compete with the more established companies. Amongst the measures, which were highlighted on Wednesday (June 12), are a ...

12 June

Ofgem reveals plans to make energy market a more level playing field

Ofgem has unveiled its plans to make the electricity market a much more level playing field. The energy regulator is looking to break the monopoly the 'Big Six' energy providers hold on the market by increasing the level of competition with a series of regulation changes. The regulator will also require the two largest UK ...

11 June

Energy UK YouTube video looks to bust switching energy provider myths

A new report has claimed UK energy consumers are put off by myths surrounding changing energy tariffs - in spite of the huge savings of up to £300 it can potentially generate. The study from Energy UK has been released to coincide with a new YouTube video from the trade association called Simple to Switch, ...

10 June

Ed Davey wants the Government to reward community energy schemes more

Energy secretary Ed Davey has suggested the Government will look into more ways of supporting local energy projects. His announcement comes in light of a new study from Databuild Research and Solutions, which claims more and more people are joining community schemes in the hope of driving down energy bills in their area. The research ...

07 June

Ofgem granted more power over energy firms under new REMIT legislation

Ofgem is set to be given a number of new powers as the Government looks to tackle market manipulation in the energy industry. The energy regulator will be able to impose unlimited fines on firms found guilty of attempting to manipulate the market. It will also be given the power to inspect premises and seize ...

05 June

Homeowners near wind farms could receive 20% reduction on energy bills

A reduction of up to 20% on people living near wind farms energy bills is set to be part of a number of proposals by the Government it has emerged. A report in the Financial Times has hinted the idea will be part of energy secretary, Ed Davey's, plan to offer a number of discounts ...

04 June

Ed Balls: Labour would scrap winter fuel payment to richest pensioners

Ed Balls has suggested should Labour return to power at the next general elections, it would scrap the winter fuel payment to the country's richest pensioners. The shadow Chancellor claimed the move could save as much as £100m each year for the Government. Currently, the winter fuel payment is a tax-free hand out of between ...

03 June

Blow to the Green Deal as cavity installation figures plummet 97%

The number of people installing certain forms of insulation in their homes has plummeted - flying in the face of a flagship Government scheme designed to encourage UK residents to do more to improve their homes energy efficiency. The Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency has released figures showing the installation of cavity wall insulation was down ...