2014 February news archive

28 February

Ofgem Tells Energy Suppliers To Trade Fairly With Smaller Firms

electricity pylon 2Energy industry regulator Ofgem has warned the UK's big six energy companies that they will face heavy fines if they don't trade fairly with smaller energy suppliers. Under Ofgem's new plans resellers will also be obliged to publish their wholesale energy prices two years in advance, making it easier for the smaller firms in the ...

25 February

Labour criticise Centrica for scaremongering over proposed price freeze

House inside a lightbulbLabour has accused British Gas' parent company Centrica of 'scaremongering' over the party's plans to introduce an energy price freeze. Ed Miliband previously pledged to freeze energy prices for a 20 month period if his party are successful in the 2015 election. However during Centrica's profit announcement last week, its new chairman Rick Haythornthwaite suggested ...

24 February

Up to four million homes may have overpaid bills due to faulty meters

Cooking surface and gas ringsA new report has suggested up to four million households in the UK may have overpaid on their energy bills due to faulty meters. Consumer watchdog Which? has claimed up to 3.9 million households on tariffs that charge different rates depending on the time energy is used could be out-of-pocket if their meter clock is ...

21 February

More than 2.6m householders struggling to pay bills, new survey finds

PlugThe numbers of householders in Great Britain struggling to pay their monthly bills has increased dramatically according to the results of a new survey. Conducted by financial services company Legal & General, the "Moneymood Survey" found that around 2.6 million people were facing hardship because they didn't earn enough to keep on top of their ...

20 February

Centrica announces British Gas profits dropped six per cent in 2013

LightbulbBritish Gas profits have dropped six per cent to £571m in 2013 according to the latest report from its parent company Centrica. Find out more.

20 February

Light bulb changes sees 30% drop in electricity use when lighting the home

LightbulbA new report has revealed UK electricity use to light homes is almost a third less than it was in 1997. The Financial Times has reported the shift to newer more energy efficiency light bulbs and the phasing out of the inefficient incandescent light bulbs has been accredited as a large factor in the changes. ...

19 February

Four UK energy suppliers opt to join automatic refund scheme

Burning Gas OvenFour UK energy suppliers - including three of the 'Big Six - have agreed to automatically refund customers in credit on their accounts. SSE, British Gas, EDF and First Utility have all confirmed they will now refund any such customers who pay their bills by Direct Debit. Fellow energy supplier, E.On, had already previously agreed ...

18 February

Energy suppliers to be obliged to set smart meter targets, warns Ofgem

Gas ringEnergy suppliers have been told that they'll be obliged to set their own immediate set of smart meter targets before 2020 and meet them by Ofgem. The industry regulator has also warned that those suppliers who don't meet their targets will face financial penalties. Ofgem's partner of retail markets, Maxine Frerk, has stated that it ...

14 February

Green energy supplier Ecotricity launches Green Electricity + Car tariff

Electrical dischargeOne of the UK's green energy suppliers has launched a new electricity tariff that will provide owners of electric vehicles with 1,000 free miles worth of electricity each year. Ecotricity's Green Electricity + Car will also provide consumers with home electricity. Those signed up for the tariff will also gain access to Ecotricity's the Electric ...

13 February

Good Energy sees positive results during second half of 2013

Green Energy PlugGood Energy has registered positive results for its energy supply and generation businesses during the second of 2013. The Wiltshire-based company, which was founded in 2003, has seen the number of electricity customers it supplies increase by around 6,000 - rising from 34,000 during the first half of 2013 (H1) to 40,000 in the second ...

12 February

ScottishPower to consider pumped storage hydroelectric dam expansion

Electrical dischargeScottishPower is set to consider an expansion to its pumped storage plant that would enable it to boost its hydroelectricity supply in Scotland. The big six energy supplier's engineers are reportedly set to conduct a study into the feasibility of such a project. Parent company of ScottishPower, Iberdrola's chairman and chief executive revealed that talks ...

11 February

Davey urges Ofgem to take action if energy firms are overcharging customers

Gas hob 2Ed Davey has called on UK energy regulator Ofgem to look into the 'Big Six' energy suppliers gas profits: Demanding radical change if the firms are found guilty of overcharging customers. The energy secretary has even gone as far as to urge Ofgem to consider breaking some of the companies up - if the accusations  ...

10 February

British Gas criticised over smart meter saving claims

PlugBig six energy supplier British Gas has been accused of exaggerating the amounts customers could save by installing a smart meter. Find out more.

07 February

MP accuses energy suppliers of 'ripping off' bill payers who pay in cash

Electrical dischargeThe UK's energy suppliers have been accused of 'ripping off' bill payers who use other methods to pay rather than Direct Debit. Figures from the government have revealed many homeowners paying through alternative methods such as cash or cheque are typically paying more than £114 a month more than those who used automated payments. The ...

05 February

New report urges a push for carbon capture and storage

Power stationA new report has suggested the pursuit of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology in the UK could create a new £15bn-35bn industry: With the creation of the industry possibly helping save money on energy bills too. The study, conducted on behalf of the CCS Association - the industry representative - and the TUC, claims ...

03 February

Greg Barker Criticises Energy Firms Failure To Include All Customers In Tariff Cuts

Electrical dischargeEnergy minister Greg Barker has hit out at the energy suppliers that have failed to pass on bill reductions to all of their customers following changes to the way green levies are funded. Following the Government's deal - to also reduce green levies - at the beginning of December (2013), the big six energy suppliers ...