2014 November news archive

01 December

Big Six energy supplier E.ON ‘quits’ gas and coal to focus on renewable energy

The German utility firm and Big Six energy supplier, E.ON, reveals plans to sell off most of their power-generating units due to the “dramatically altered global energy markets.”

28 November

A fault with pre-payment meters has meant consumers have been over charged for seven years

A problem occurring when installing pre-payment gas meters has led to a call for more to be done to improve the quality of service that pre-payment customers receive, following a mistake in over charging which went unnoticed for 7 years.

26 November

Majority of Brits want action on climate change

Almost three quarters of the British public want action to be taken on global climate change, a recent survey has revealed.

24 November

Rising energy costs put Britain on World Energy Council’s negative watch list

A leading international body has placed the UK on a negative watch list, following the country’s lapses in energy security and sustainability in recent years.

21 November

Which UK region spends the most on energy bills?

Following a report last week revealing the heating habits of different regions, new research from UKPower.co.uk shows which region of the UK actually spends the most on their energy bills.

19 November

Energy firms are failing to adequately explain tariff comparison rates according a new study

A new study has found that Ofgem's attempts to simplify energy switching have fallen short of expectations. Scott Byrom suggests that more needs to be done to help consumers understand which tariff is cheapest for them.

17 November

U.S. and China reach pivotal agreement on climate change policy

The United States and China have come to a historic agreement in the fight against climate change.

12 November

Homeowners choose to go cold this winter due to the rising cost of energy

A rise in the cost of energy has resulted in many households having to sacrifice heating to save money on their domestic energy bills this winter.

10 November

Labour strengthens stance on energy efficiency with plans to improve 5 million homes

Today, Labour published its long-awaited green paper: a five-point plan which outlines improvements to the energy efficiency of over 5 million homes in the UK.

07 November

Scotland’s wind turbines produce 126% of domestic demand

126% of the energy needed for homes in Scotland was produced through wind farms in October 2014, a report by WWF Scotland reveals.

05 November

A report has revealed that Londoners are significantly less likely to switch their energy tariffs

A new report has suggested that residents in London are significantly less likely to switch their energy supplier. Scott Byrom, energy expert, suggests that the high proportion of rental properties in the country's capital is to blame.

03 November

New energy saving ‘black box’ slated to save UK householders £250

New ‘black box’ energy monitoring technology will be tested in British homes next month to help reduce the amount of energy used by heating and domestic appliances, potentially saving UK households £250 a year on their gas and electricity bills.